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Call for Price. SKU: V Brand: Orion/BarcoCategory: MODULATOR Modulator. Brand: Continuum. Model: Price: Call for Price. View Product. I had the barco Orion cinemascope and the picture is amazing and my .. level tracking – at least when and if laser modulation is activated. CE Pro Europe finds out what powers Michael Bay’s Barco home cinema, with illuminators, equipped with dimming and twinkle modulation circuits. starting with its Orion and Optix Cinemascope projectors, featuring a new.

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TV Modulator

Whether you call yourself a fan or not, anyone who takes an interest in cinema has heard of Modularor Bay. CE Pro Eu can see you picturing nuclear-level explosions and impossibly glamorous woman in various disaster scenarios now; in short, he gives his following what they want.

Naturally, the director is a huge cinephile with a penchant for premium-grade film technology, so when constructing his new East Gate Bel Air, California property he knew that nothing less than a home cinema to rival all others would do. I obviously wanted the very latest and best technical specs out there — and with the image being the most important thing to me — I knew my theatre had to have a Barco projector. It is simply the best. As the director desired a foot screen, a Barco Ultra-Bright 4K DLP projector was chosen to fit the bill, providing the brightness, contrast and picture-perfect colour required.

He wanted the very latest and best technical specs, with the image quality being the most important thing. With his expertise and experience with Barco projectors, he considered the Barco 4K projector to be the best available on the market.

Barco Loki Vs Sony Vs Balder Vs Vivitek – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Michael worked with renowned theatre architect and acoustical engineer, Jeff Cooper of Jeff Cooper Architects Inc for the conception of the theatre to ensure that all aspects met his expectations. The auditorium is in stark contrast to the ultra-modern home, exuding a more understated, old movie house feel with art deco flourishes and a huge dome sprinkled with twinkle-fibre optic stars. The theatre — which incidentally is the first private Dolby Atmos theatre in Los Angeles — boasts steeply inclined rows of curved stadium seating in order to maximise sight lines and assure optimum hearing lines.


By sculpting the rows in this manner, maximum screen size was achieved for overall dramatic impact.

The medium back rocker seats are upholstered in barck mohair, custom manufactured by Irwin Seating. Naturally, the screen in enormous. The Stewart Filmscreen 12 foot high by 24 foot wide monster conceals five front speakers and two subwoofers that are mounted directly behind it for accurate acoustic imaging. The Microperf screen contains thousands of micro perforations to enable acoustic transparency, coupled with the highest quality video image.

The Barco projector was more than up to the task however, and was able to meet that challenge without compromise. The Dolby Atmos theatre is home to 25 powerful speakers and independent channels of amplification. QSC was selected to provide the sound system behind the screen, comprising five full range three-way speakers and two subwoofers.

The surround system is made up of 18 JBL speakers hidden in the side walls, rear wall and in the ceiling. This was another request of the director, leading to the implementation of a foot elliptical star dome, constructed using Swiss-engineered acoustical plaster manufactured by BASWAphon North America.

Model Range | Barco

A realistic star effect is achieved by using various fibre optic diameters and seven separate channels of hidden illuminators, equipped with dimming and twinkle modulation circuits. And when the mood strikes, various constellations and star patterns can be remotely programmed and triggered to synchronise with music. Eagle eyed astrologers will notice that the main star pattern is based on a computer-aided mapping of the Aquarius constellation. There are few home theatres in the world that could rival this one, so it was fantastic to be part of it.


It quickly became obvious to Barco that it has a lot to offer for high-end residential applications, not just limited to luxury home theatres. With Barco Residentiala new focus on image quality was born. Indeed, colour accuracy, uniformity, brightness and contrast are as important, and one could argue that everything needs to be in balance to experience content as the creator intended it.

True to its word, Barco Residential is introducing several innovations for this market, starting with its Orion and Optix Cinemascope projectors, featuring a new DLP chip developed by Barco in partnership with Texas Instruments that supports a resolution of 2, x 1, whilst providing native Cinemascope 2.

This and other innovations we are working on enable a new breed of bxrco integrated custom video solutions, combining performance and aesthetics. Hopefully this will help set modulayor standards for high end home theatres. Former Harry Potter stuntman David Holmes refuses to let a life-changing accident define who he is or where he lives.

Director Michael Bay in his projection room with a Barco Projector. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.