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Graves hastal ve gebelik graves hastal genellikle gebeliin 2. Basedow graves hastal nda %50 sklkla rastlanan ve %2 kadarnda ise ar olarak nitelenebilen. Graves-Basedow disease (GBd) since late fifties has been considered to be autoimmune thyroid disorder where the presence of thyroid. Graves Hastal›¤›nda ve Graves Oftalmopatisinde Tiroid Otoantikor Düzeyleri .. treatment on circulating thyrotropin-receptor antibodies in Basedow’s disease.

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Posted 10 months ago7 users are following. I am needing to check with someone about a thyroid problem but basedoq-graves out of the country and was working until 3 months ago.

I have been hastxl energy over this year. I got a doctors check here in vietnam and they said I have basedow-graves disease and hyperthyroidism. She believed my doctor maybe got it wrong and i had same as her because said that hyperthyroidism makes you more nervy and loose a lot of weight.

Then 5 months ago i put on a lot of weight more than ever before. I have also suffered constipation. I suffer from anxiety and the doctor said stress caused these problems. I had an ultrasound where scanned my thyroid and the man said they looked normal. A second doctor said that she thought not too abnormal. The main doctor said dont worry its not cancer.

Basedow graves hastal pdf

Posted 10 months ago. From the lab test results you reported, I would say you have Graves disease. The TRAb result is a Graves antibodies test and your results are positive for that. Your TSH is low but mine was lower than yours at diagnosis. I don’t know much about the drug you were given to control the excess thyroid hormone as it is not the one used in Canada or the States or as far as I know England. In the western world we use Methimazole and in England they use Carbimazole which are similar, if not identical drugs.

These drugs block the excessive thyroid hormone being produced by your pituitary gland. In addition to the drugs used to treat hyperthyroidism, what worked for me was the addition of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that I was deficient in like L-carnitine, vitamin D, and Magnesium just to name a few.

Vitamin D is extremely important for good thyroid function. The carnitine at a dose of 3, mg helped to raise my TSH. There are other supplements like Bugleweed, Motherwort and Melissa but I don’t know if they are available over basedowgraves.

I think because i lived in a hostel for a year, and was working in a high energy job, not eating well and it was too hot for me. I burnt myself out. Having a quiet place, better food, im really left with one noticable thing and thats feeling tired at 6pm.

I am really worried that it maybe graves hyperthyroidism

I feel i am uncoiling, my muscles in my back and neck. Maybe 3 days on the tablets are helping too. I bought some walnuts to try to help matters.

I hope I can just heal myself, now i cut out the coffee, as i was drinking, from 10 to 5 a day for 4 years, and binge drinking. I was travelling fast in bad situations and for the last 3 months ive rested. Maybe my body can revert to before. I will see, the next blood test. I wont hope too much after hearing the results from people. But as you have all adapted to your conditions well. There is hope both ways. Where i live, seems to be hard to get your good recommendations and walnuts are about 5 pounds a bag.


I was on strong cod liver oil tablets with vit D for 5 months, but i think they were not helping me. Also natural honey really helped–B vitamins. I looked at a video online on youtube and the thyroid seems complex, with societies changes, stresses at many levels, and its interaction with adrenal glands. I wanted to try someones idea of a walnut, vodka mix. Yes, I think it was stress too that caused it.

I had abusive supervisor 7 years, but i think that i was in the wrong kind of job for me. My mother has hypothyroidism and it seems i have hyerpthyroidism and I was wondering should the foods, minerals, herbs we look for be different as i heard that hyperthyroidism is over stimulated thyroid so want to calm that down with what we take.

I was thinking like you said to look at canitine, selenium tablets, also i heard about korean ginseng but not sure about it as it boosts energy. I heard tumeric was very good. Also do you recommend actually buying a selenium supplements, or just eat more foods like eggs with it in? I was a bit confused with my doctor as they said dont have salt, iodine, but i read online iodine is good and that kelp products are useful.

Someone wrote that you cant start engine if throtel is broken, so kelp, ginseng, walnuts help to fix whats broken. I have a feeling, that my arthritis may have triggered the graves and i have bad hip bones, so im worried about more bone loss.

I was looking at tests done on this.

Etiopathogenesis of Graves-Basedow disease; where we are and where we are going

Is it a situation where you can have a normal result, and still have thyroid, graves problems? The blood tests show conclusively what your particular thyroid problem is. HYPERthyroidism is over production of the thyroid hormone HYPOthyroidism is when you do not produce enough of the Thyroid hormone James, I read this rather long discussion of yours Just want to give an advice on the topic: Also, natural foods are better and more effective to improve and repair immune disorders.

Thats pretty amazing, 90 percent.

I heard about the gut and depression links too. I have tried to eat chicken, potatoes, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms daily, to get enough good things in my diet. And some banana, watermelon, basdeow-graves. I heard mixed things in my past on taking vitamins on supplements.

I am on a big of a budget out here, so basedos-graves am a bit worried spending a lot on supplements Mike. First, if you can find natural foods which contain a big quantity of specific nutrients you uastal, consider eating them instead of artificial supplements example: Second, from the list of good things in your diet, there are at basrdow-graves 3 things considered “bad” for autoimmune patients — potato, tomato these are nightshade plants which also include eggplant and all peppersand egg especially the white.

As for chicken or other animal meatsbetter choose organic from the animals that are not fed with antibiotics and growth hormone As a principle, we, patients with health issues, must find “right” foods to consume instead of just “healthy” foods. And then, we all have to find a way of acquiring those expensive things to fight illness. There seems no other way around, unfortunately.

Thats bad news for people like me who love potatoe, peppers, eggs, eggplant, some of my favourite.

What a sad life it makes having this graves. I was wondering if you get to a neutral state with graves and hypertension if you can eat these foods again or if it will put you back into raised hormone levels? I did try also today buying some magnesium b6 and some K2 and D3, just for a trial as i know ive not been eating well for some time and more so that its hard to find good healthy portions here where i am. I am in Vietnam so its not so easy sourcing foods as im having to eat out and not a great selection of mid price foods.


I think im lucky being older that sugar isnt a priority for me, but I hope dark chocolate in moderation is okay I sometimes eat tuna from the sea or sardines, just as its hard to find specific foods here in vietnam at reasonable prices. I was reading their maybe something connections with this disease, and acid reflux which i had in the past as well as ceiliacs disease which my grandmother had. I was thinking on this when you mentioned the gut too. I am wondering if my hip arthritis may have contributed to my condition.

I guess looking at your health as a whole really helps. Like what you put in your stomach and environment you live in. Ita hard to tell if you have this virus. I think it also stays with you but after initual tiredness retreats into your body. Also I noticed mustard wasnt good for this condition, which ive been eating everyday and heard that artichoke maybe a healing plant.

James, you’re right about the health principle on foods and living environment, and yet don’t forget the powerful spiritual or mental effect on our life and health, e. Regarding food selection, the key for autoimmune is to avoid foods that contain the specific nutrient that has no effect on healthy people, but cause the adverse effect on autoimmune patients e. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clarified scientific proof or in-depth research report that render its merit.

Personally, I am all for it. Yet, the EBV is said probably in everyone’s body and it probably won’t ever affect most people in their body system as permanent dormancy. But they can attack people with a weak immune system to certain stages of infection.

Some are resolved naturally or by medical means, but few become so toxic potent causing patient surrender immune capability and become long-term cripple in health may be the cause of GD? Dreadfully, EBV can be transferred from person to person rather easily: Don’t want to cause any alarm here, just a hint of info. I guess we can only think carefully on the choices we make now. I think perhaps we are entering an exciting time of breakthroughs in medicine but I cant help feel confused on why science has not looked at many diseases causes and been more open minded to how each gland, organ interacts with one another.

There seems an awful lot of people in society who have suffered more through exhaustion, because so many things mentally to think about compared to the past. In that way I wonder how far we have really come. I think that I may just stick with fish in oil-sea. Also chicken organic with mushrooms and beans.