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Yesterday, one of the chat persons told me I could convert paperport max files to pdf if I purchased the acrobat IX pro program. Now I’ve spent $ I have a number of scanned reference letters from my business that I previously scanned with a Visioneer scanner in Paperport Has anybody roduced a simple converter that will change *.max files into *.jpeg or indeed any format? Are you talking about the files/images created by PaperPort? I don’t know It accomplishes it in a 3 step batch process.

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Yesterday, one of the chat persons told me I could convert paperport max files to pdf if I purchased the acrobat IX pro program. This is a User 2 User forum, so we cannot help with your issue. I would call Customer Service and explain your problem and that the solution you were provided by them? I would also discuss your situation with Nuance software and see if they can provide you with a link for the converter.

Althernatively, you may find this article of some use found after a quick Google .

Hope it’s of use. I’m not up on using these types of sites so I’m taking a chance that this is how I reply to my original question. I think you may have missed my last sentence ” I don’t see how to do converrt since acrobat won’t open a.


General information on MAX files and the MAX to PDF Converter utility

The program says that the file may be corrupted but in the past, Nuance Paperport provided users with a Paperport Viewer that would open the file and then I would print it using Adobe Printer. Now I’m stuck with software that I will barely use and it still won’t convert my Paperport. This will yield a PDF file.

Nuance products also include a PDF viewer. I have found Nuance do a reasonable job for creating and editing PDFs from scans. Yes, I completely agree with all these answers. However, for some reason I can’t explain, I can’t install the Paperport Viewer software.

Here’s the real scoop. I bought this Dell Studio 3 years ago and installed the Paperport Viewer that I believe is not available as a viewer only utility now. It used to be a free download and I still have the. It is apparently a bit.

Everything worked and I have converted ‘s of doc to pdf format over the years. Last month, my hard drive failed and I purchased a new; identical one and have been trying to get bach to where I was before. For some reason that I can’t figure, I can no longer install the Viewer.


It starts to install and then just fades away. I have tried every compatibility trick, realizing that I’m on a bit system now but no go.

Convert Max files to jpeg

That’s why I talked to Adobe for a solution. If I had known that this wouldn’t work, I would have spent the money to buy Paperport 14 and used Actobat Standard 8 to finish my conversions.

I’m just a housewife and not in business but I love the ‘possibilities’ when using acrobat files that I create. I no longer can afford to buy Paperport for several months and that’s why I’m looking for answers here. I hope this helps as I do bxtch how to convert docs but I can’t find any software that will open. Voted Best Answer Edit Answer for another 0 minute.

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Convert .max to .jpg ?????? – paperport | Ask MetaFilter

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