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Wicked Burn Beth Kery When I started Wicked Burn, despite the well written sex scenes that nearly singed my eyebrows, I thought that it was. He wanted all of her Vic Savian knows what he wants when he sees it. And what he wants is his sexy neighbor, Niall Chandler. When he finds her in. Wicked Burn. Beth Kery. Buy This Book. I’m generally not a huge fan of erotic romance, but Wicked Burn is a page turner with smokin’ hot love.

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Wicked Burn — All About Romance

And we find out that Vic is a very dominant man who has some baggage, some of it related to exactly how dominant he is. So if you don’t mind erotic romance and you like a good emotional romance, then you should definitely give this book a try! Niall Chandler is frozen – three years after her little boy is killed, she’s still dealing with the mental breakdown of her husband Stephen, who’s confined to a institution, her parent’s judgement and her own guilt. I don’t always love it when it’s an entire book of just plain old sex because even though i enjoy that in my books, after a while i’ll start skimming t I really enjoyed this one!!.

For a playwright, he doesn’t seem to do well with words in his personal life. I love the book. Considering everything she had lost three years prior, I’d have loved to read whether she ever regained some of that with Vic. From the moment Vic and Niall first locked eyes on the elevator you could feel the powerful erotic intensity in them Page by page the story drew me in. Jenny, a gorgeous movie star with a complex, broke Vic’s heart after cheating on him and choreographing the timing so that Vic would walk in on her mid-orgasm with another man.


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Wicked Burn by Beth Kery – FictionDB

I loved the sincerity and honesty of the two characters, wickec coyness, no games. This is just a credit to the author and her skill at breathing life into her characters. There are also beht non-vanilla sexual acts that some might not like.

I’m very torn about this author. This book is incredibly emotional as well. May disturb you and you will not appreciate the other bits. Thanks, Beth Kerry, for an exceptional read.

I love having characters revealed slowly to me but I thought that in this instance ekry revealing was too slow.

So, because of the format, I had a little more trouble getting into it.

Boy falls in love with girl. Sometimes for Niall, sometimes for Vic. I love this couple!!! Vic has wanted Niall from the first moment he laid eyes her.

This is perfectly random, but if the cat were at Vic’s ranch and we changed the world “firemen” with “hot play writer” it would fit perfectly: January 7, Publication Date: Niall could have cleared this up by telling him some or all of the details C which would have taken one minute.


But, he was already mad, and he already misjudged her because of B.

They saw each other once or twice and both felt a connection, but it wasn’t until Vic saved her from her date’s over zealous attention that they finally talked I’ve never read anything by Beth Kery before, and just picked this one up on a whim I was attracted to the cover. I knew it was burm to happen from very early on. Review after borrowing a copy and reading: There were also a lot of erotic, hot, sensual sex scenes.

I cried when Niall was sad, There’s a reason it is said that the body’s largest sex organ is the brain.

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She didn’t use ridiculous reasons for Vic and Niall being the way they are today like some authors I could mention. Read it Forward Read it first. I want you too much to take you in stingy little servings. Another separation happens later, again because she assumes something incorrect about Vic. This was a bth i’d been interested in reading for some time and i’m glad i finally decided to give it a shot!