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Shiv Khera’s `Blueprint for success’. Our Bureau. HYDERABAD, Jan. MR. Shiv Khera, author of the book `You Can Win’, and an educator. Book online tickets for Hi-Impact Leadership- Blueprint For Success By Shiv Khera happening on 05 August at Mumbai. Get event details. HI-IMPACT LEADERSHIP: BLUE PRINT FOR SUCCESS Optimize Performance by creating a culture of trust & accountability GET LASTING.

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Vetticad and Khera butted heads in Delhi last week: Are you a management guru?

Shiv Khera’s formula for success

I don’t know what the heck I am. At my sessions, I sometimes have a people facing me in a group. There’s more knowledge facing me than facing them.

Do I have all the answers? But I can help them find their solutions. Isn’t ambition a dirty word in India? Fatalistic people wait for things to happen, they never make things happen. Yeah, from that perspective, maybe culturally it’s still a dirty word in India – these guys keep waiting for ever. Who’s a winner in Indian politics now – A.


Advani or Sonia Gandhi? You can’t win by making your country lose. India needs leaders, not pseudo-leaders. A leader has plans, pseudo-leaders have scams. A leader has dreams, a pseudo-leader has schemes. Why do you throw stones at rock music in kyera book?

I don’t throw stones at rock, I question MTV. Are the shib of some of these songs obscene? No wonder kids behave crazy There’s a story of a farmer who was spraying his apple trees with insecticide. You must be really against the insects.

‘I don’t know what the heck I am’ – Interview News – Issue Date: Feb 8,

I’m for the apples. Me, I’m for the kids. You say winners stay away from drugs and alcohol.

So what was Elvis Presley? Consumption of drugs and alcohol is self-abuse. If you respected yourself, would you abuse yourself?

So what was Elvis? There is a difference between being popular and being famous. It’s like the difference between Madonna and Mother Teresa. There’s such a thing as cheap popularity. To me a person who abuses himself is a bleprint. What are you, a cross between Dale Carnegie and Deepak Chopra? I’m not a cross, I’m a thoroughbred.


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