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Buenas y malas razones para creer: Carta de Richard Dawkins a su hija de 10 años. Querida Juliet: Ahora que has cumplido 10 años, quiero escribirte acerca. Estudios bíblicos avanzados para la capacitación de líderes espirituales, y de recursos AMOR según evolunionistas darwinianos · Hipótesis existencia de Dios por Richard Dawkins, ateo. . Las personas buenas, ¿tienen pensamientos malos? . Pasos de oír y creer. . Algunas razones presentadas concisamente. The latest Tweets from Ariana Gibson (@Ariana_gibs): “Leer Escuchando | Richard Dawkins | Buenas Y Malas Razones Para Creer vía.

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I have always thought people were entitled to their own beliefs no matter how silly they might seem to me especially as I am more than capable of thinking up razoness own share of rubbish. They believed their thing and were prepared to die for it, Mary, of course, believed her stuff too and was prepared to kill for it just as her Protestant sister, Elizabeth I would do after her.

Rendering unto Caesar – Wolfie Wolfgang

That is the problem. These days we can look back not only on hundreds of years of religious persecution and religious martyrdom but we can also just look in our daily newspapers to find modern equivalents.


Some people seem to need to enforce their views on everyone else. There is an old debating point that looks to all those people who have died in the name of religion but it tends to ignore the 20th.

He is, I am sure, a perfectly nice intellectual kind of bloke but his particular form of atheism feels the urge to impose his belief, or lack of belief on everyone else, just like Queen Mary before him. It was, I assumed at the time, an elegant turn of phrase that was not meant entirely seriously.

Now he has brought out a new book, The Grand Design, in which he develops the idea of spontaneous creation where, he believes, the laws of physics can explain the creation of the universe, and all the other ones, without any need for a creating Richarc. It sounds like a fascinating book but it has caused another of those media storms where some religious people have responded with anger and contempt and where some atheists and agnostics, have over-reacted the other way by declaring the final death of God.

Science and religion have been quarreling ever since intelligent people got involved on either side and I hope that the debate will continue but without hatred and intolerance. Once, the Christian Church burnt anyone who they thought aired dangerous and heretical views that differed from their own.


Androide no tan Paranoico

Nowadays, in trendy non-believing cafe society at least, dawkinw symbolically burn believers with our scorn. I suspect Professor Hawking, is, in this new book, making a point that he knows is irrelevant to religious belief systems. Everyone who finds comfort in religion or even in a spiritual way of looking for meaning in life, should and, I suspect, will feel unchallenged by Stephen Hawking important work in the realm of physics. I hope that some of those interferring, proselytising atheists malqs leave them in peace.

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