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About this Manual Thank you for purchasing the Canon VIXIA HF R21 / VIXIA HF R20 / VIXIA HF R Please read this manual carefully before you use the. View and Download Canon VIXIA HF R20 instruction manual online. VIXIA HF R20 Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: Vixia hf r21, Vixia hf r Read and download Canon Camcorder VIXIA HF R21 Instruction Manual online. Download free Canon user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties.

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Gallery and Scene Operations ManagingStories The gallery initially contains two groups, [Unsorted] for your regular scenes and ]Video Snapshot] for your video snapshot scenes.

In addi- tion, you can create new groups, or “stories”, which contain scenes of your choosing, arranged in an order to your liking.

For example, you can create a story that is a collection of scenes from a particular event nf trip. To delete individual scenes 1 From the gallery screen, select the story that contains the scene to delete.

The scene is deleted and the gallery screen appears, To delete scenes by rating You can delete all the scenes in a story with a particular rating.

Canon VIXIA HF R21 Manuals

To delete a story You can delete new stories that you have created. Thumbnails ofeach s tory except for[Unsorted] and [Video Snapshot] will a ppear, 5 Touch the thumbnail ofthe story w here y ou want tomove o rcopy the scenes.

Ifyou are moving orcopying scenes toanempty story, skip tostep 7. The s cenes are moved and the gallery screen ofthe source story appears. CapturingVideo SnapshotScenes and Photos from a Movie You can capture video snapshot scenes or photos from a previously recorded scene. The c aptured video s napshot scene issaved tothe same memory that contains the source scene.

Video snapshot scenes cannot be captured from any o fthe following types ofscenes. Photos captured from ascene with alotoffast m ovement may b e blurred. Photos will b erecorded onthe memory selected forrecording photos.

This i sthe area o nwhich you will d raw and see your decorations inaction. See below f or a nexplanation ofeach t ool. The o nscreen decorations will b eincluded inthe recording. Touse [Pens and Stamps]] 1 Touch [ ]. The [Pens and Stamps] screen will appear.

To load a [Pens and Stamps] cixia 1 While the canvas is displayed, touch [ ]. Make sure that the image you want to use has a utue or green area. The screen will return to normal. Photos Refer to this chapter for details on taking and viewing photos. Basic Playback Viewing Photos Cxnon modes: Memory being r ead. Drag your finger right for t he previous index page. Failing to do so may result in permanent data loss.

Deleting Photos from the index Screen From the index s creen, you can delete selected photos orall p hotos. Ifyou selected mahual, touch t he photos todelete and then t ouch [OK]. Failing todoso may r esult inpermanent data loss. When printing photos, use the following guidelines as areference selecting Open the LCD panel.


ConnectionDiagrams In the following connection diagrams, the left side shows the terminals on the camcorder and the right side shows for reference only an example of terminals on a connected device. When you play back your If you selected [Select], touch the scenes to copy and then touch [OK]. Copying Photos from the index Screen From the index screen, you can copy selected photos or all photos.


If the camcorder is connected to the uf while it is powered only by the battery pack, previously saved video files cannot be transferred back to the camcorder and music files cannot be transferred from the supplied Camcorder Supplemental Disc to a memory card in the camcorder.

Using the software 1 Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter. Vixiz you wish to use the image files on your computer, make copies of them first. Use the copied files, retaining the originals. Video output will be in standard definition, although the original scenes are r2 high defi- nition. Upl0adingMoviesto VideoSharing Web Sites You can convert your high-definition video recordings into standard definition in order to upload them to your favorite video sharing Web site.

You can complete the conversion to standard definition in the camcorder and then use the supplied PIXELA’s software to upload your jf to the Web. To convert all the scenes recorded on a specific date, select the index page that contains scenes from that date.

To select the bit rate Using a higher bit rate will result in better video quality for the con- verted scenes, while a Jower bit rate will result in smaller file sizes and faster uploads.

To automatically divide the scene If you are converting a long scene, you can have the camcorder divide If a copyright notice appears, read it vixua and touch [OK] if you agree.

Also note that an approval is required to use Eye-Fi cards in many countries or regions. Additi0nal Information This d21 contains troubleshooting advice, screen mes- sages, handling and maintenance tips, and other information. Menu Options Lists Menu items not available appear grayed out. For details about how to select an item, refer to Using the Menus Edit Panel – Mode:: Setup Menus Camera Setup: The camcorder automatically uses slow shutter speeds to obtain brighter recordings in places with insufficient lighting.

Minimum shutter speed used: The photo number indicates the name and location of the file vanon the memory card. For example, the file name of a photo numbered – is “IMG Card B] [Complete Initialization]: Card B] [initialize] [Complete Initialization]: Adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen. Availableonly when dividing scenes.

Consult a CanonService Center. A noise can be heard from the compact power adapter. This is not a malfunction. The battery pack is exhausted extremely quickly even at normal temperatures. Playback Cannot create a story. Cannot add scenes to a story. If a story includes scenes recorded in MXPor FXPmode,the maximum number of scenes may beless than the maximum number of scenes].


Cannot divide scenes -You cannot divide scenes recorded or e dited using another device. Change the p osition of t he L OCK switch. Turn the camcorder off then on again. Memory Card and Accessories Cannot insert the memory card.

Turn the memory card over and insert Cannot record on the memory card. Playback looks fine on the camcerder but there is no image on the IV screen. List of Messages inalphabetical order Accessing the memory card. Donot remove the memory card. Cannot copy -The total size of t he s cenes you selected to copy exceeds the a vailable space in the m emory.

Delete some recordings on the m emory card C[3 56, or r educe the n umber of s cenes copy. Cannot play the movies on this memory card – Movies cannot be played back from a 64 MB or smaller memory card. Cannot play the movies on this memory card Initialize only using the camcorder – The memory card in the camcorder was initialized using a computer.

Turn off the camcorder and removeand reinsert the memory card. Memory card is full – The memorycard is full. Memory card is write-protected – The LOCK switch on the memory card is set to prevent accidental erasure. Changethe posi- tion of the LOCKswitch.

Somescenes could not be converted – Among the scenes selected for conversionto SD there are scenes recordedwith another device. Whenconverting scenes to SD, leave out scenes recorded using another device. Thosescenes were not converted but the other scenes selected for conversionwere converted. D isconnect the U SB cable, restore the c onnection after ashort while. Total play time is too l ong -The story cannot be converted when its t otal playback time exceeds 2hours and 30 minutes This will protect your impor- tant recordings in case of damage and create more free space on the memory.

Canon shall not be liable for any data loss. Do not carry the camcorder by the Cnaon panel. Be careful when closing the LCD panel. If mishandled, the stylus pen can present a risk of severe eye injury and even blindness. We recommend backing up the recordings on the memory card onto your computer.

Data may be corrupted or lost due to memory card defects or exposure to static electricity. Canon shall not be liable for lost or corrupted data. Do not touch or expose the terminals to dust or dirt. Forcing a mem- ory card into the slot if it is not correctly oriented may damage the mem- ory card or the camcorder.