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enfermería clínica iii unidad temática atención al paciente con problemas neurologicos tema valoración neurológica introducción las principales funciones del. p2hv{}erlappingourstyleplease{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;bottom :0;widthpx;padding:0;margin:0;overflow:auto}.p2hv. Em bovinos, os locais anatômicos afetados por lesões perioculares e oculares, Somente o carcinoma de células escamosas (CCE) perfez 80,3% de todos os prevalencia a nivel de parpados, seguidos del tercer parpado y la conjuntiva, .

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Estudio sobre los tumores malignos maxilofaciales. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. An analytical study of the maxillofacial region malignant tumors treated in the Maxillofacial Surgery Service of Artemisa municipality was conducted from Males were the most affected; skin tumors were the most frequent, a higher percentage of white people were affected and the most observed histological type was the basal cell carcinoma.

The most common location in the oral cavity was the lower lip and the most predominant histological type was the epidermoid carcinoma. Full Text Available Objetivos: To study the incidence of eyelid malignant tumors in the Banco de Olhos Hospital of Porto Alegre from to We retrospectivelly analyzed clinical archives and in this study all cases of malignant eyelid tumors with histopathologic examination were included.

We found 54 eyelid tumors: The diagnosis was confirmed in all cases through histopathologic examination. Basal cell carcinoma was the most frequent eyelid malignancy followed by squamous cell carcinoma. Melanoma was the third most frequently found tumor in our study. Absceso de pared abdominal por tumor maligno de colon transverso. Colon cancer is one of the most frequent and mortal digestive tumors.

Complications of this disease could be several and in a few cases, could be rare and infrequent. This article present a case of patient with an abdominal wall abscess due to a malignant transverse colonic tumor. Male 56 years-old patient with sepsis and a mass in left superior quadrant on abdomen.

The patient was underwent to exploratory laparotomy and findings were a large tumor in transv To correlate the ophthalmic complications in patients with extra-orbital malignant tumors with the site of origin and histopathologic diagnosis of the tumors by.

To determine the effectiveness of cryotherapy to treat eyelids cancer, a descriptive retrospective analysis was made in 10 patients with clinical diagnosis of non-pigmented eyelids carcinoma with a maximun size of 5 mm. Cryotherapy is an effective and curative treatment in small eyelids tumors. To study factors possibly associated with tumor contamination in the biopsy path of primary malignant bone tumors.

Thirty-five patients who underwent surgical treatment with diagnoses of osteosarcoma, Ewing’s tumor and. A epilepsia nos tumores cerebrais. A descriptive and retrospective study that included 24 patients operated on of eyelid malignant tumor that had to undergo reconstructive surgery by Tenzel rotated graft was conducted from March,to December, The cosmetic results were good in 22 patients, accounting for The complications, all of them postoperative, included the marginal ectropion in 2 cases.

One of them also had tumoral persistence. Suture dehiscence was only observed in 1 patient. Surgical recovery was of 10 days in 4 patients Protagonismo del sistema inmune en el microambiente de los tumores malignos de la mama. Mohs micrographic surgery is the surgical treatment with higher cure rates of aggressive locally invasive skin malignancies, minimizing unnecessary slaughter of healthy peritumoral tissues.

Oncologic margins are determined in successive stages, tissues are evaluated in horizontal histological sections in three dimensions, precisely identifying the location of oncological subsequent cleavage persistence to the absence of tumor respecting healthy tissues are not removed. Full Text Available Objetivo: The evidence is obviously most important for orientation of the therapy in such cases, whether surgical or not. Radiotherapy is effective in tumor control, but several tumors have molecular characteristics that lead to radioresistance and possible posttreatment recurrence.


Many tumors have overexpression of integrin receptors. Integrins play a central role in growth, motility, regulation of adhesion and survival, leading to increased proliferation, invasion and metastasis of tumorsmaking these receptors excellent targets for the development of new therapies. Studies have shown that inhibiting the interaction of matrix proteins with integrin receptors may increase the cytotoxic effect of ionizing radiation by demonstrating the radiosensitizing potential of combination therapy in tumoral lines.

Thus, the combination of ionizing radiation with cilengitide is an alternative therapeutic strategy. The objective of this study was to evaluate the radiosensitising potential of the RGD molecule cilengitida by means of the combined treatment with gamma radiation in different tumor lines, as well as to compare the effect of this combination therapy with cisplatin, a molecule already used in clinical practice.

Our panel of tumor cell lines was composed of U87 wild-type p53 malignant glioblastoma T98 malignant glioblastoma mutant p53MCF7 mammary carcinoma and UACC melanoma. The radiosensitizer effect of cilengitide was evaluated by the quantification of metabolic cell viability through the MTT assay.

Inhibition of colony formation was investigated carcknoma clonogenicity assays. The flow cytometer was used to investigate cell cycle distribution and the type of cell death induced.

We observed that in all cell lines examined, cilengitida promoted detachment, metabolic alterations and reduction of proliferation, as well as alteration of. Los pacientes se han mantenido en consulta de seguimiento, sin recidiva ni persistencia tumoral. Tumor maligno indiferenciado disseminado. To demonstrate the importance of clinical history and general physical examination in orbital affections as guides for correction of and early diagnosis parpadl adequate treatment.

Clinical history, ophthalmologic and general physical examination and complementary examinations: Chest X-ray, pelvic and abdominal ultrasonography, orbital computerized tomography; bovino needle aspiration biopsy of tumororbitary procedures, excisional parpaxo of sternal nodule and retrospective cytologic, histologic and imunohistochenical examinations.

Pelvic ultrasonography demonstrated the presence of a large tumor in anexus, probably the primary focus. In the chest X-ray there is evidence of metastatic mass. The histopathological findings of both retrobulbar mass and sternal nodule were compatible with.

A eletrencefalografia nos tumores intracranianos.

Navajo County Arizona

Com tais resultados, os AA. Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to characterize and quantify cells involved in immune response in metastasis-free regional lymph nodes RLNs draining different human epithelial tumors and compare them dsl immunohistochemistry with control lymph nodes from patients with non malignant diseases.

B lymphocytes and follicular dendritic cells were decreased with respect to the controls.

Their mean number was significantly lower as compared to control. These findings may be related to the deficient anti- tumor immune response in patients with cancer and subsequent tumor progression. Schwannoma retroperitoneal maligno Malign retroperitoneal schwannoma.

The retroperitoneal tumors are infrequent and are classified according to the original tissue. This is a case presentation of a patient presenting with pain in right hypochondrium and a tumor in this zone, weight loss and painful discomfort in the anterolateral face of right thigh. In physical examination we found cutaneous-mucous paleness and painless tumor in hypochondrium and right flank. Abdominal ultrasound US showed a homogenous mass of 14,11 cm and abdominal computed tomography allows to see a right retroperitoneal tumor rejecting the kidney.

Excretory urogram showed a anteromedial rejection of right kidney. An encapsulated tumor with a few peritumoral adherences was removed. By histological study it was possible to confirm a fusiform cells tumor with hyperchromatism and nuclear pleomorphism, numerous mitosis and areas of necrosis and in the diagnosis of malign tumor of the sheath of a peripheral nerve. Estudos utilizando a flarefotometria confirmam o aumento do “flare” em olhos com tumores intra-oculares malignos e benignos. Os olhos normais contralaterais foram utilizados como controles.


O valor da flarefotometria foi maior nos olhos com melanoma maligno e nevo quando comparado com os olhos contralaterais normais pIntroduction: Malignant intraocular tumors are associated with an increase in the aqueous flare, caused by alterations of the blood-ocular barriers through various mechanisms. Several studies have demonstrated an ocular flare increase using flare photometry in eyes with benign and malignant tumors.

To evaluate flare photometry as an adjunct method in the differential diagnosis of choroidal malignant melanoma and choroidal nevus comparing to normal control eyes. The fellow normal eyes were used. Malignant paraganglioma with vertebral metastasis: Proper surgical treatment depends upon accurate histological findings, especially in the case of malignant lesions. As such, knowledge of correct cytological findings prior to surgery is important for therapeutic planning.

A nine-year old, intact, mixed-breed dog, demonstrated clinical signs of incoordination in the pelvic limbs and micturition for approximately one week. Clinical examination revealed proprioceptive deficits and bilateral patellar hyperreflexia.

During exploratory celiotomy a mass was observed adhered to the lumbar vertebral segments. Medical therapy was initiated, but neurological signs were progressive, and the owner opted for euthanasia. Gross examination showed that the mass in the abdominal cavity was attached to the lumbar segments L3 and L4, causing bone lysis in L3, but showed no tumor invasion into the spinal canal.

Microscopic features were characterized by prominent proliferation of ovoid and fusiform cells with poorly defined cytoplasm arranged in interlacing bundles and concentric whorls. The cells were embedded in a delicate to moderate collagenous stroma and moderate anisokariose and high mitotic activity were noted.

Glándula de Harder

The definitive diagnosis of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor was made on the basis of the histological and immunohistochemical findings. The maspin expression in canine mammary tumors: Full Text Available The serpin maspin, a tumor suppressor in breast cancer was described as an inhibitor of cell migration and inducer of cell parpavo between the basement membrane and extracellular matrix resulting in inhibition of tumor metastasis. In contrast, overexpression of tercfr is correlated with poor prognosis in other types of cancer.

Little is known about carclnoma, regulation and function of maspin in canine mammary tumors. It was demonstrated in this study, a loss of maspin expression in malignant canine mammary cells compared with a pool of normal canine mammary tissue, analyzed by quantitative real-time PCR; weak maspin expression in malignant canine mammary tumors were observed by immunohistochemistry.

It was also demonstrated that a correlation with nuclear maspin expression and a good prognosis.

It is suggested that maspin could be used as a prognostic marker in canine mammary neoplasia. Inefficient migration of immune effector cells in the tumor is a major limitation of effective therapy against solid tumors.

Accumulation of M2 has been associated with the poor prognosis in the majority of cancer patients. Radiotherapy has recently been introduced as a potential strategy to improve cancer immunotherapy and tumor immune rejection. This is the only clinically advanced approach for noninvasive, site-specific intervention in cancer patients.

Our study also explicitly revealed that adoptive transfer of i NOS expressing macrophages in unirradiated RIP1-Tag5 RT5 also offer a promising intervention to establish those populations of macrophages in the tumor tissue that enable therapeutic efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.

Malignant eccrine poroma Poroma ecrino maligno.