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[Signature] Reviewed by Robin Wolaner Fiorina may have had tough choices, but readers have an easy one: start at. A new autobiography chronicles former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina’s rise and fall as America’s most powerful female executive. Fiorina. The New York Times bestseller by the most talked about woman in American business. For five and a half years, Carly Fiorina led Hewlett-Packard through.

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I was surprised at how ‘normal’ she comes across I liked this book – would even tuogh it – but the first half held my interest more than the second half.

Tough Choices, by CEO Carly Fiorina

Trivia Choixes Tough Choices: Perhaps others’ words define me more clearly in many minds than my own actions. Published October 9th by Portfolio Hardcover first published It followed a bruising, highly public fight with shareholders opposed to the plan, including Walter Hewlett, the son of one of the company’s founders. Fiorina discusses the company’s controversial caroy with Compaq, and HP’s recent boardroom spying scandal.

I don’t think this is a story that any newspaper periodical can do ffiorina. Never would I have imagined adding to my list of personal heroes the CEO of a major corporation, but there you have it; she’s been added. This is a story about a meteoric rise to greatness, leadership and stupendous achievement that anyone, whether in business or not, can use as inspiration. In those first few days as a CEO I was sobered by the commentary of the media, the cool reception from the Valley, the skepticism of the executive team, and the passivity of the Board in this all-important transition.

Marching on the Bus. csrly

‘Tough Choices,’ the Rise and Fall of Carly Fiorina

With a background in medieval history and philosophy, one would not think that that would be a stable foundation for a life in business, but it was always her obedience to her parents and those around her that prevented her from flourishing into what she ultimately became, and I think that is ultimately what Fiorina’s core message is to her readers, that people have to follow their own instincts.


We need purpose to motivate us, and confidence to move us forward p. A boss is paid more than a subordinate because the boss has greater responsibilities.

They were polished rhetorical pitches, and you always got the feeling you were being sold. A Memoir Carly Fiorina, Author. They are the guardians of its legacy and the builders of its future. Perhaps it is part of the reason Choicfs wrote this book. To view it, click here. Dec 12, Jon rated it really liked it Shelves: However, it is the examples of a genuine leader that shine through.

I found this book fascinating but it is definitely not a page turner if you aren’t interested in reading an in-depth story of a female CEO in the Valley. Jul 12, Geetanjali rated it it was amazing. This book goes beyond the caricature of the powerful woman executive to show who she really is and what the rest of us male or female, in business or not can learn from the tough choices she made along the way.

Tough Choices

Collaboration results from shared measures of success. That first week, the editor of BusinessWeek came to see me with the beat reporter because they’d been working on a story for several months.

Fiorina closes many of her chapters by summing up what she learned from the particular time or place covered in that chapter. There is a lot on management techniques and her personal philosophies on management and business, and th This was really quite interesting, even though I know little about business and had no idea that she had ever led Hewlett Packard.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the contributions she made in the field in which I thrived for my entire early career — telecommunications. She is still a smooth saleswoman, as I learned while interviewing her about her book. I was usually referred to by my first name. I accept that the roughly 35, people who lost their jobs under my tenure don’t like me.

A Gift from My Parents. The Stuff of Triumph.

This memoir sounded to me very much like the “real Carly” – if any author can actually tel One must wonder in any memoir of the extent to which the author speaking of herself ends up hiding too much, revealing to little, or outright lying.


I would want to write a very long review, but if I wait to find the perfect words, it will never happen. For six years, as she led HP through drastic changes and a controversial merger, Fiorina was fioirna subject of endless analysis, debate, and speculation. Above all, she describes how she drove the transformation of legendary but deeply troubled HP, in the face of fierce opposition.

People can not always follow the path that others have laid out for them, no matter how good intentioned it may be.

Was there something I should have said or done that would have made the difference? Inspired by Your Browsing History. People who stop learning become old before their time. Her career trajectory first two-thirds and running a multi-billion dollar enterprise last one-third is a complex tale to carrly. Much of what Fiorina writes about the board will be in the news around this book’s release, but her revelations are valuable beyond gossip—because shareholders are demanding accountability from boards, it’s fascinating to be inside a deeply dysfunctional boardroom.

Buy the Audiobook Carlyy Looking for More Great Reads?

She believes in people and their ability to change and she works hard to enable them to be successful. Burrows says Fiorina fiorin some of the credit, but he says most of the people he talks to believe the rebound would never have happened if not for current CEO Mark Hurd. Is That an Armani Suit?

Some highlighting points were her perserverance through the establishment, her guts and her diplomacy through fiorna situations. The gender issue and media spotlight were distractions. Read it Forward Read it first.

From that first day onward, I read all the e-mail messages that were sent to me, and answered a great fiprina of them. Also by Carly Fiorina. In the Wharton interview Fiorina also offered her take on the hostility that was directed at her at HP:. I was surprised at how ‘normal’ she comes across – she wrote this in a style that makes her seem approachable.