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This is an arrangement of Mr. Bojangles by Chet Atkins. I originally took this transcription from TabScout in GuitarPro form and edited it to increase it’s accuracy. MR. BOJANGLES. CHEEK To CHEEK. You Do SOMETHING TO ME a note from Chet Atkins . ing, write to The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society, c/o Mark. Watch the video for Mr. Bojangles from Chet Atkins’s Almost Alone for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

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Almost Alone – Wikipedia

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Your post MUST contain information! Please add a detailed description to posts and titles. Everyone always brings up Mr Hendrix but we always seem to forget Mr Atkins. Whenever I feel like I’m getting really good at the guitar, I watch this video and it puts me in my place. I remember back when I was taking lessons I asked my guitar teacher who was super into metal what his number 1 guitar album of all time was.

In the same vein, the album “neck and neck” which is Chet Atkins and mark knopfler. What’s with the downvotes? He bojanglss a decade ago. His music is still excellent, but he is no longer a atkinx player.


That’s not such a jerky thing to say. I was expressing sadness at the fact that he’s passed. Love that song and his playing. Born in 57 so he was on tv and the radio for much of my youth.

Thanks for posting it! If we’re talking jazz I’d recommend Django Atoins just for his rich and complex shreddin’. I love Chet Atkins.

Mr. Bojangles – Chet Atkins tab | PlayItYet

Looking at this video made think how much things changed between the 50s and 60s. Been getting really in to chord melody the past year or so.

My favourite is probably Ted Greene, who never gets enough love. His version of Danny Boy is absurdly beautiful. I love that his go to was always a telecaster, instead of following the jazz cliche of a hollow body. And he got such an amazing, dark tone bojanlges it, and really set him apart.

I was blown away by his quickness and cleanness My favorite Chet Atkins song has to be Blue Angel, although he didn’t write it. Here’s a solid performance. Sorry I couldn’t find one with better video quality. I learned how to play a good bit of this song, and I can tell you, it’s a lot harder than he makes it look.

Also, check out the Chester and Lester album he did with Les Paul. Yes, that Les Paul.

His arrangements are phenomenal, of course, but I’ve never known him to have a reputation as a composer. It seems like Trambone and Midnight have been covered pretty extensively by other artists over the years. I think calling them “covers” is a bit dismissive that word often carries a negative connotation. That’s like saying Sinatra did covers. Do “covers” have a negative connotation though? I’ve never really seen it that way. For example, Hendrix’s cover of “All Along the Watchtower” was the definitive version for most people, and I would still classify it as a cover.

I don’t see it that way either, but a number of folks do. I remember when Garage Inc came out, Metallica was often on the defense in interviews for having done a cover album. The word “cover” to me generally means somebody is keeping the general arrangement though. They’ve got their own “version”. I can’t do it either. If I wrap my thumb around enough bojsngles hold the low e cleanly, I can’t do shit with the other fingers, the angles just don’t work.

Not sure if you I’m the only one but I’ve only got 4 other fingers on my fretting hand. Thumb the bass note and make a partial chord with the other fingers, leaving some strings open, or muting them somehow. I see how they do it, but my atkiins doesn’t do that shit. Oh okay thanks lol.


The person you originally replied to said “one string is always muted accidentally” which, to me, made it seem like fretting all 6 strings was the goal. I would think muting strings would be a good thing if you are playing a movable shape that doesn’t use every string. All time great and by all accounts never stopped practicing and learning new techniques and material.

One of my favorites for sure. Another country great from back in the day to check out is Roy Clark. That guy could play the bojxngles out of a guitar. I bojxngles not really get into the genre he played, but I have to respect his ability. Thank you for posting this. I have wanted to get more into finger picking and this just put me over the edge.

Been trying to play this for the past hour. Such a nice light rhythm to it, and that nice twang from his guitar. My favorite part of this video has always just been how smooth and gentle that setup sounds.

Mr Bojangles Chet Atkins fingerstyle lesson

Perfect balance of warm and bright, full and brittle. Doesn’t even seem reasonably achievable. Thanks for reminding me I still need to finish this song.

I spend hours figuring out the patterns but never went further than the first two verses. I wish it were a better video, but here is Chris Cassello covering this version of Mr. Sandman with Deke Dickerson’s band. If you ever get a chance to see this guy play, jump on it. He is pure magic on 6 strings. My favorite part of this video will always be the rhythm guitarist and bassist in the background giving it their all but making literally ZERO noise.

I learned his arrangement of this song years ago. I still play it regularly, yet nothing I do can make it sound as silky smooth as he makes it. A true master of the instrument. Watching this video completely changed my outlook on how to approach the guitar and immediately started learning his style. He’s a wonderful player but as a producer he started the whole “countrypolitan” thing which really watered it down for the sake of mass appeal.

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