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Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee – WTF Poomsae Chonkwon. Here’s a more recent, higher-definition video: CHEONKWON Kang Su Ji Taekwondo Black Belt. What’s Taekwondo Poomsae – WTF Poomsae Chonkwon Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee. Direkt zum Seiteninhalt. Hauptmenü: ×. Home; Taekwondo. Was ist Taekwondo · Geschichte · Die 5 Teilebereiche des Taekwondo · Grundsätze. Training.

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Discussion in ‘ Tae-Kwon-Do ‘ started by puunuiJan 21, Log in or Sign up. Jan 21, 1. Dec 7, Messages: The Taekwondo poomsae textbook describes Chonkwon as follows: Moreover, they have thought that the sky creates and controls everything in nature.

Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee – WTF Poomsae Chonkwon

The infinitely vast sky may be a mysterious and profound world of imagination in the eyes of finite human beings. Poomse “Cheonkwon” is composed of the motions which are full of piety and vitality as a man looks up at the sky from the earth, reminding an eagle flying off toward the high sky. Its infinite competence signifies the creation, change and completion.


Human beings have used the name of Heaven for all principal earthly shapes and meanings because they felt afraid of the Heaven’s mighty. Over 9, years ago, the founder of the Korean people, “Hwanin”, was meant by the heavenly king.

He settled down in the “heavenly” town as the capital near the heavenly sea and heavenly mountain, where the Han people as the heavenly race gave birth to the proper thought and actions chonlwon which Taekwondo was originated.

The poomsae Chonkwon is based on such sublime history and thoughts. The characteristics of movements are large actions and arm actions forming gentle curves, thus symbolizing the greatness of Chonkwon thought.

Diagramme poomse

The poomsae line “T” symbolizes a man coming down from the heaven, submitting to the will of Heaven, being endowed power by the Heaven and worshiping the Heaven, which means the oneness between the Heaven and a human being. This level of responsibility requires that the practitioner have a “big picture” viewpoint, the type that one would have if he or she were positioned in the sky, or in heaven if you will.

The large sweeping motions contained in the poomse Chonkwon symbolizes the broad sweeping polmse that decision making on this level can have on the art.


GM Yoon was an eclectic martial artist who studied in both China and Japan. Similarly, the movements found in Chonkwon reflect such an influence or background. In addition to the poomsae Chonkwon, the Chang Moo Kwan’s legacy and influence is carried on through the World Taekwondo Federation’s logo. The Chang Moo Kwan’s logo includes two horses up on their hind legs, facing each other. This mirrors the WTF logo, which is two kickers facing mirroring each other.

Cheonkwon | Taekwondo Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Given the philosophies of Hansu waterand Ilyo Buddhist concept of oneness is it difficult to figure out who or what those poomsae are about?

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