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Clive Cussler’s bestselling Cyclops is another swashbuckling NUMA Files adventure! When a financier turned treasure hunter vanishes mysteriously, only Dirk. A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ‘Cussler is hard to beat’ Daily Mail The suspenseful eighth Dirk Pitt classic from multi-million-copy king of the adventure novel. : Cyclops (Dirk Pitt Adventures (Pb)) (): Clive Cussler: Books.

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If you’re interested in his writing, go read one of those instead. I’m thinking the information was in there. Perhaps there’s no manslaughter in space?

It’s important to note that this was written in and set in He eventually clivee that Mr. I don’t know if that information just vyclops available in the s, but I feel like maybe cliev was; the US had been on the moon for nearly two decades at that point. That was 25 years ago. May 01, Quinn Zunino rated it liked it. Yet some how I found myself bored. Lists with This Book. An antique blimp carrying multimillionaire publisher Raymond LeBaron is searching for the US Navy collier Cyclops, which went down in the Caribbean inwhen the blimp loses radio contact with land and disappears for 10 days.

Did Pitt saved Fidel Castro in time? Pitt and Giordino have fun, but it is very hard to follow tis meandering book.

Please cyclop rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Cussler began writing novels in and published his first work featuring his continuous series hero, Dirk Pitt, in I don’t know how to think about this.


Dopo aver letto alcuni degli ultimi libri della serie di Dirk Pitt, non posso che essere felice di essere tornata ai primi libri, quelli che non annoiano mai. Dirk Pitt is participating in a seaboard marathon near the Bahamas when a runaway blimp dlive his path and threatens the lives of the people on the beach and in the hotel.


Everyone’s happy at the end, as per.

For example, the level of detail for ships and cars was incredible. His ability to see through subterfuge, his calm in stressful situations, and his unique way of approaching problems make Pitt the perfect addition to a plot that threatens possession of the moon, of Cuba, and the very principles and strengths of America. He brings back CIA and Cuban soldiers and destroy the base.

Cyclops Summary & Study Guide

The author Clive Cussler brilliantly intertwines all the plots without any confusion and finishes off the book in style. A secret colony on the moon; the lost El Dorada statue; several concurrent plots by the Communists cliv Russia to attack said secret moon colony, have their one secret manned island near Cuba that was basically a giant antenna with a beach, assassinate Fidel Castro, and then blame cyclopss CIA for it; secret talks between the Fidel and the American president with some very unconventional and extremely inefficient communication methods – and it all culminates in three ships exploding in a harbor in Havana, the aftermath of which leads Cuba to sever its ties with Russia and the US to drop the trade embargo.

Dirk is again being a hero and saving the world and nations again and again, beating the bad guys again and again, surviving hardest fussler again and again.

If not one of the best books I have read ever.

So when I tell you that I basically enjoyed this book unti I picked this book up at a charity book swap for a dollar. He has to have the Exxo look through the periscope and vouch for the view of Dirk while ordering the submarine to surface.


Clive Cussler lives in Arizona. Trivia About Cyclops Dirk Pit Only that LeBaron is among the rich founders of the colony, and had hoped to recover from the collier a secret treasure: He returns to the Russian base with the strike team, bearing both a gun and a bat.

It has been several years since I read this book and I seem to be in a ‘Dirk Pitt’ kick, re-reading all of his adventures [but not necessarily in ‘chronological order’, but that may change after finishing this one].

Part II, Cllve Cyclops: Ho apprezzato la parte fantascientifica del libro: Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Her hubby is killed by a stray bullet. Then the Soviet plans to abduct the space shuttle and make them land in Cuba.

Cyclops, by Clive Cussler

With such snapping writing as Bad Guy: Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Chapters 4 – 6. They are just in time to save the lunar colonists who have secretly created Jersey Colony on the moon, a colony the Russian intend to seize. In a phenomenal feat of strength, Dirk escapes from his captors, walks around the compound AND the island, finds an outboard motor [that still works], and prepares for his miraculous escape.

Chapters 52 – Sep 12, Roopkumar Balachandran rated it it was amazing Shelves: This one is not recommended. From Cuban waters, the blimp drifts toward Florida with a crew of dead men—Soviet cosmonauts. I always enjoy the reading of a Clive Cussler novel.

Books by Clive Cussler.