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The final chapter. Rusty has come full circle and now must come to terms with everything he’s endured up to this point. You don’t want to miss this And to get. Metodologia MERISE YouTube Doc Etudiant Cardinalit repr sente le Cours merise mcd mld Examens Exercices Astuces tous ce que vous. Cours MCD (14 à 18 / 37): entités, associations, cardinalités by E mds. Download MERISE 35 Cardinalit mcd de la mthode merise avec, MERISE

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Published on Apr View 24 Download 3. System objectives require solving problems with synthetic character in a systematic manner using IT support.

These objectives have general and specific characteristics that depend on the legal and regulatory framework, endowment with computers and economic development requirements of the company These objectives can be grouped into the following categories: MIS objective for banking activity: For this purpose we take into account various criteria: Inputs and outputs of a standard MIS are established and according to the specifications of CCM were caedinalit to determine the types of entities, relationships and attributes of CDM.

CCM must meet certain rules: Actors can be internal or external actors actors belong to the internal or external structure of MIS. In the frame of economic activity, internal actors are cardinalkt with the institution or department eg. Designing Management Information SystemsExternal actors may be corresponding monetary-financial institutions, banks, NBR, insurance companies, private customers or companies.

Sometimes, due to the developing business activity, it is possible that an external actor to become internal actor. The brokerage companies had the role of customer external actors at a certain time, which enters meriss relationship with the bank in settlement process. Players change information as information flows. The flow diagrams are graphical mersie that reflect the links between actors.

Documents can be standardized or non-standardized.

In terms of use of different messages between actors is better to associate its formal cardinzlit. Such documents may be courx notes, internal memos or notices. The importance of these documents is that it can reveal the stage reached in the development process and, in the same time, it can be determined the responsibilities especially when malfunction cardinailt. The information flows are represented in the form of arcs directed from issued actor to destination actor.

The arc using a numeric notation, which correspond to the sequence encoding processes and documents, as objects of the information flow. Making CCM can be considered as an iterative process if the analyzed economic phenomenon is complex. Thus, CCM developed in the first phase globally can drill several core activities of CCM for financial and banking unit.


Me Rise – PDF Free Download

Detailing of financial flows is as follows: Methods of determination for CDM: After the analyzing of the information content of the input document it will set the attributes of the new system. Designing Management Information SystemsThis method is bet to best used for open systems. It enables further processing and determining a set of parameters that are not sufficiently analyzed in the early stages of MIS analysis.

But we must not exaggerate the creation of sets of input variables that will not be processed and will take up the system resources. This method is used if we have limited resources in terms of collection, storage and data processing. This fact will cause a minimum but sufficient number of input variables which will ensure, through processingthe output parameter determination.

Such a MIS is easier developed in steps further, due adequacy of input variables. This set will contain elementary attributes, calculated attributes and mathematical operands. Thus, these attributes will be included in the type of entities and properties. This method ensure the optimum among the set of input variables that need to be processed in order to achieve output variables and situations.

MIS can be developed into a simple way, the unused input variables providing good information support. The conceptual data modeling includes the following steps: It will be present the calculation algorithm and primary operands needed for each type of attribute. It will be determined the attributes of entities based on primary documents from which information flows were found in CCM. The attributes will be encoded respecting following requirements: Grouping is done taking into account different criteria: The attributes used by MIS are of two types: The taken attributes are in the same form as they are in the primary documents.

The compound attributes comply the calculation algorithms and do not occur in conceptual entities. The algorithms will be detailed up to the level of primary operands.

The attributes that occur in the conceptual entities must comply with the following rules: It can be set certain restrictions to the atributes reffered to their evolution, the field values that can be taken range or list.

Designing Management Information SystemsExemple: Designing Management Information SystemsThe entity identifier is that attribute which uniquely identifies a record member of its population. The identifier can be a single attribute or can be determined by several attributes multiple identifier.

Graphically, the identifier is undelined in the entity. Rules for settings identifiers: Take into account that Meriwe occurs on all customer identification documents identity card or passport is indicated for use as an identifier of the entity Client.


Merise – Engl – CCM, CDM Curs 2

Associations are relationships that are established between conceptual entities. An association does not have an independent existence. An association exist only if the achievements of entities linked exist. The associations czrdinalit have their own attributes.

The cardinality express the participation of the achievements of the entities to the associations. Cardinality is minimal 0,1; 1,1 or maximal 0, n; 1, n. The associations of type m n are resolved through two joint 1,n and 1,m 1,n. The collection of an association is given by the participating entities. The dimension of the association is given by the number of participating entities.

A special case is generated by reflexive associations. These associations are associations that occur between different achievements of the same entity. In this case, you would specify the roles they play in the association, the roles that show the entity’s participation in association.

In the banking system such associations are uncommon. The integrity constraints are rules that must be followed by the elements attributes, associations, entities and their inclusion in the early stages of design leads to a faster troubleshooting errors that occur in running applications. The integrity constraints are: Structural integrity constraints imposed conditions relate to the concepts used in modeling. Integrity entity constraints employs a unique identifier for each nonempty entity.

The entity has registered loans only. Referential constraints implies the existence of association that is determined only by the existence of the achievements participating entities in the association. Th association Sign exists if there is an achievement of the entity Client and an achievement of the correspondent entity Contract only.

Integrity of roles constraints refer to the roles played by an entity in various associations and have three forms: Semantic integrity constraints are management rules enforce to attributes.

It occur as static or dynamic constraints. The static constraints concern attributes, regardless of their evolution in time. For entity Contract, we can set the static constraints. Aplastic anemia – curs engl. Merise Partie 2 Mcd Documents. Curs Practic de Lb[1]. Cdm – Dissertation 2 Documents. Merise – Module 1 Documents. Editpresentasi Ccm Seminar 2 Documents. CCM – Sonho acordado 2 Education. Merise 60 affaires classes Education.

Merise Etudes de Cas Documents.