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The MILLENIUM series has been designed for use in domestic, office and industrial . MAS 10 RCA. 89 CROUZET AUTOMATISMES. IN. 4. 5. 6. 3 . 2. 1. Crouzet. Millenium 3 FBD. Driver. 1. System Configuration. This manual describes how to connect the Display and the External Device (target PLC). What is a logic controller used for? The Millenium 3 logic controller can be used to automate small devices requiring between 10 and 50 I/O. Millenium 3’s logic.

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This makes application data available through Netbiter Argos and provides mil,enium access from any location and any distance to the installation. This is a great solution for service engineers or users that want to ensure field applications are performing reliably.

Crouzet millenium 3 cd12 pdf download

The Netbiter Argos contains various software services such as alarm management, reporting capabilities and much more. A Netbiter Argos Account is an user account from where you can manage and administrate connected systems.

Connected Field Systems can be grouped into Netbiter Argos Projects in order to get a better management overview. Systems belonging to a specific address, customer or similar.

Device A Device is the equipment that is to be monitored which is connected with the Netbiter Easy Connect Gateway, i. Web browser and Internet access – Page 4 Below is an overview of the system described milleniym this document. Make sure that PIN code security is milenium.

You can find more information in the separate installation guide included with the EC The Crouzet Millenium 3 requires 24Vdc minimum 19,2 to maximum 30Vdc which is connected to the screw terminal block. Please refer to the Millenium 3 user manual for further details. The Millenium 3 unit is connected to the RS port of the EC using the supplied cable with 9 pin D-sub male connector. Open a web browser and navigate to Below the login window, click the Create an account link to open the page below.

To read the terms and conditions for using Netbiter Argos click the link Accept the terms and conditions, to proceed mark the checkbox and click Register. Open the and click on the activation link. When your account is activated you will be able to log on to the Netbiter Argos. To use an existing account enter your username and password in the login window.

Lost password of an existing account can be reset by clicking Lost your password? A new password will then be sent to the address registered to that account. Click MyFirstProject and follow the instructions below to make the system go online: Click There are 1 pending system s. Find the line with MyFirstSystem and click Activate. Enter a subscription key or use the free subscription 4.

Enter the phone number for the SIM card. Enter the correct access point name APN as well as username and password if it is required by the operator.


This information should be supplied with the SIM card, if not please contact your mobile operator. Set the product type to ECM3 7. The EC will receive and process the configuration.

It will then reboot and reconnect automatically to Netbiter Argos. This will take a few minutes. Go to Configuration tab and click synchronize configuration. To reinstall an existing firmware to the same version you must mark the checkbox overwrite. This only updates the firmware; the monitoring configuration has not yet been set up. Make sure that the computer is equipped with a serial port or use some sort of adapter to emulate one.

In order to enable serial communication to the Millenium 3 you have to set up a function block. Start by opening the program, click File and then New. Under Controller choice select the correct Crouzet controller. Make sure that the model number in the column Reference is the same as the one you are using.

This opens the workspace where you can program your controller simply by drag and drop. On the right side are the 4 relay outputs O1 – O4. In the Display-menu, make sure millemium Function bar is selected. Since we want to use the digital input I1, drag the DI with the mouse to the block I1 digital input.

By double-clicking them, you can select the address range. However, there is a crpuzet entrance of the building blocks for a bit word. Therefore you need converter blocks for the individual signal bits. The wiring and connections are done by click and drag with the mouse.

The workspace should now look as pictured below. Since the analog input IB has a bit word available, it can be directly connected to the second input of the SLIn function module address The configuration millejium now drouzet transferred to the controller by clicking Write to the controller.

For the inputs and outputs of the Millenium 3 to be manageable in Netbiter Argos you must configure the EC module accordingly.

This is described in the following chapter Configure remote system. At the bottom of the page offline alarms can be configured. This will trigger an alarm from Netbiter Argos if the EC is detected as offline.

Depending on the reason for the unit to be offline the detection might take up to 30 minutes. The following limitations apply to the configuration of Netbiter EC Select from which device and group the parameter should be defined. For the Millenium 3 device parameters can be defined as word or individual bit, for more information about this see chapter 7 Programming the Crouzet Millenium 3.

A number of settings and conditions can be set for the log parameter. Log type can be set to Value or Delta. Value shows the actual parameter value at the sample time. Delta shows the difference between the last sample and the one before. Delta is typically used for energy meters. When finished, click the save button. To add a visualization parameter click Visualization and the button add visualization parameter.


For the Millenium 3 device parameters can be defined as word or individual bit. The parameter name in the template will be automatically copied to the description field.

Crouzet Millenium 3 CD20 Logic Controller, , 24Vdc manuals |

To edit the parameter name, without changing the template, mark the checkbox to the right of the field. Then it is possible to change the description that will be visualized at the overview page. If the change should be used for every device that is using this template, edit the parameter name in the template instead. To add an alarm parameter click Alarms and the button add alarm parameter. Trigger defines what value will trigger the alarm.

Alarm class can be used to group alarms. Alarm severity can be used to define the alarm as critical, major, minor or warning When finished, click the save button. This is applicable to log, visualization and alarm parameters.

Unit will be displayed in the legend of the graph. The unit will automatically set according to the remote device template. To change the default unit mark the checkbox to the right and enter the desired unit. Scaling is a divider to scale the value read from the register. Offset adds a number to the read and scaled parameter value. Press the button synchronize configuration. The device will reboot and reconnect to Netbiter Argos online. This may take a few minutes.

In a project with many systems scattered over a large geographic area, this feature makes it easy to get an overview of the different units and their status. Click Map to position the system. Zoom in and scroll to set the position. If connected to a GPS the device can automatically position itself on the map.

An alarm can be triggered if the device is moved outside a defined radius, also known as Geo-fencing. It is good practice to use profile dashboards whenever possible. This is because a profile dashboard can be shared by several remote systems. A system dashboard will only be applied to a specific remote system.

The profile dashboard will automatically add the dashboard to every remote system that uses the device profile. Netbiter Argos provides a number of dashboard widgets. Live values in a list. Live values in a graphical drawing of the monitored system.

Logged value in a graph. Alarms in a list. You can define up to 3 dashboards for each system Drawing widget The drawing tool is a graphical web application that can be used to create dynamic, customized and interactive visualizations of your remote system.