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: On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington) (): David Weber: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. On Basilisk Station (or “HH1” as it’s known to the faithful) is the first installment in David Weber’s cult hit Honor. On Basilisk Station, and indeed the entire Honor Harrington series by David Weber, never fails to make me thrill with wonder and delight as I.

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On Basilisk Station is the first book of David Weber ‘s series of novels and short stories chronicling the adventures of Honor Harrington. It was first published in A successful young officer with a promising career in the service of her Queen, Honor’s delight at her new command soon turns to dismay as she realizes Fearless has been nearly stripped of her normal weapons and turned into a tactical testbed for the new grav lance technology.

After initial success in the opening rounds of fleet war gamesFearless suffers defeat after defeat as opposing officers correctly determine the safest way to deal with the light cruiser’s refitted weapons is to deny her the chance to use them. Banished to Basilisk Station by officers eager to sweep their so-called “secret weapon” under the carpet, Honor is even more dismayed to learn the commanding officer of the other RMN ship assigned to the system picket is an old Academy nemesis: Captain Lord Pavel Young has learned of Honor’s assignment, and has set her up for failure to discharge her duty.

Taking his heavy cruiser Warlock off to Seber for a “desperately needed” refit, Young leaves Honor and Fearless as the sole RMN unit responsible for the Basilisk System ‘s security. When the widely contradictory picket requirements cause Fearless to stumble in its duty, it will be Honor, not Young, who takes the bullet for the failure.

Grimly buckling down, Honor kicks and drags her crew after her as they address themselves to the tasks set for them. With hard work and clever use of resources, Honor basioisk has revitalized basillsk RMN’s presence at Basilisk and amazed the other Manticoran personnel assigned to the system. Having grown used to the backwater dumping ground circumstances of Basilisk, the Junction and planetary mission staff are delighted to realize they now have a competent and dedicated officer to partner with.


Even though shorthanded and lacking full resources to properly address all baislisk requirements of their duty at Basilisk, Fearless and her crew rise to the circumstances. By her staunch enforcement of the anti-smuggling laws, Honor makes an enemy of Klaus Hauptmanhead of the powerful Hauptman Cartel.

However, when Hauptman threatens Honor and her familyher first officer, Alistair McKeoncomes to her defense, pointing out the Cartel’s indirect involvement in illegal activities on Medusa, and threatening to drag Hauptman before a court for collusion in treason.

The business magnate leaves in shame, while Honor and her XO finally begin to connect. The People’s Republic of Havenwhich has been slowly om on its own economic policies for over half a century, has set its eyes on the Star Kingdom.

On Basilisk Station

The plan Haven has evolved begins with whipping the low-tech native aliens into a killing frenzy that would sweep across the planet Medusa in a haze of blood, which will provide the pretext Haven desires to swoop in basilidk take control of the system before Manticore can respond. This would provide the means to invade of Manticore through the two wormhole termini Haven would then possess: Trevor’s Star and Basilisk. But through the proper attention to duty, Honor and the Manticoran planetary personnel stumble over pieces of the plan.

Assembling the fragments of information into a coherent whole, Honor deduces Haven’s intentions and is left with no choice but to act firmly or stand aside while Haven moves into launch position for an invasion.

Overmatched in everything but courage, Fearless is pounded into scrap during the chase, and suffers terrible casualties among her officers and crew. Despite this, Fearless statioh in its desperate mission; they manage to lure the Q-ship within range of their secret weapon and destroy it.

On Basilisk Station by David Weber

Manticore reinforces the system in time to greet the “visiting” Havenite task forcewhich leaves after a suitable interval to inform Haven of the failure. After extensive repairs just to ddavid the mauled light cruiser underway, Honor Harrington returns to the Star Kingdom to a hero’s welcome.


Promoted to Captainshe is given command of HMS Fearless CAa newly constructed Star Knight -class heavy cruiser hastily redesignated to replace the aging, gutted, and scheduled to stztion scrapped CL which had given so much on Basilisk Station. Finally, Andrew Yerensky of the Weapons Development Board approaches Honor, asking her to give them her combat evaluation of the grav lance in person.

Honor eagerly agrees, obviously looking forward to giving the Board hell about the whole concept. Unhappy with the original result, David Mattingly reworked the cover art of the book years later, giving Honor Harrington a more mature and slightly more oriental look.

Directly through Baen Books, it is also available personally signed by David Weber. A comic adaptation of On Basilisk Station was released instarting with a first book of the same name.

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