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AutoCAD can not plot to HPc plotter with Win 10 bit pc. Windows 10 can print pages to the HP c plotter from word and other. Hi,. Running V8i printing to HP DesignJet c. Printer is shared with Win print server. Driver using is latest c. driver from HP. Set paper for A0, Roll. As much as I love my Hp c, I am amazed at HP’s back alley tactics to get us to And I get the same results when plotting from

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Login to Give a bone. As much as I love my Hp c, I am amazed at HP’s back alley tactics to get us to upgrade even if our hardware is working perfectly, well except for the driver.

No more support for my plotter. Having had driver issues I have updated to what is supposed to be the most recent driver and now my margins on my title blocks are getting cut off. So now, until I find a solution, I’m sending my plots out to a repro outfit and it’s really an inconvenience. I’ve tried 3 or 4 different drivers and none have solved the problem. I’ve spent a great deal of time adjusting settings both in the driver s and on the plotter menu to no avail.


Even had technicians from the reseller come on site to try to fix. If anyone has any suggestions I would sure fesignjet to hear them. Thank You By the way, the plot preview is fine.

HP C driver out of date and unsupported

It just isn’t plotting everything in the preview. And I get the same results when plotting from a. I’m not sure that I understand your issue fully More information is needed. If it’s an OS issue, you must have ‘recently’ upgraded, and may still have access to one of your now deprecated licenses Just setup a virtual machine with that OS, and place your PDF in a shared folder, with a monitor on the deprecated OS that automagically prints any PDFs placed in said shared folder, and then deletes them.

Dell PrecisionCore iK 4.

Also, you do still have a copy of the earlier firmware, etc. Are you able to roll back the firmware? Even if I set the plotter plottihg to center the plot, my border does not plot, too close to the edge.

My reseller said it is a known issue and I could try the HP Universal Driver but if that doesn’t work, he doesn’t think there’s anything I can do about it.


This happens whether I plot. Even though the preview looks correct.

Solved: C on Windows 10 – Page 2 – HP Support Community –

Ive tried every setting in the plotter setup, the driver, and the on board settings on the plotter. Even if I change my T-Block to fit the plotters margins, which would be giving up too plottlng real estateI often need to plot my engineer’s sheets, Civil Acad, topos, etc.

In fact my engineer’s detail sheets get cut off on the edge of his details. Originally Posted by vanderloo5.

Toward a Sustainable Water Future: Visions for http: Originally Posted by cadtag. I scrapped all my s up here in the north country. Paper handling sucks on it – especially at the end of the roll, but it makes nice hardcopy.

HP DesignJet 1050C Plotter (Refurbished)

Put in a roll of high gloss photo paper, and I can get great banners. This is what my HP now looks like I’ve got two more to rework — they may become a router table, I haven’t decided yet plotter. Similar Threads xclips unsupported in autocad?

By Rwillits in forum Software. Plot is Unsupported Operation By Scott.