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Die Gestalt Des Menschen has 55 ratings and 3 reviews. Neil said: a classic textbook for a course of study in figure drawing. written in German, the appr. Read story Die Gestalt Des Menschen Gottfried Bammes Pdf by anskulovbras with 0 reads. download. Die Gestalt Des Menschen Gottfried. A wonderful anatomy book: Die Gestalt des Menschen by Gottfried Bammes I could only hope it has english version. Head.

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Die Gestalt DES Menschen

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Send it to me! Log in Already have an account? Log in Forgot Your Password? Don’t worry, it happens! Please note New Users will have their posts moderated for a while. Not all activation emails are going out – please use the Contact Us email. Please ensure images are below px and kb. Die Gestalt des Menschen by Gottfried Bammes.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of February 26th, 1. February 27th, 2. As far as I know it exists only in German. There is the big book don’t know the exact nameand some of its sections are available as smaller independent and topic focused books if I remember correctly. February 27th, 3. Menschwn the best book on anatomy for the artist you can get nowadays! The pictures are explaining themselves as in any good anatomybook, though the texts include a ton of information that can’t be shown in pictures.

Unfortunately this book has not been translated yet but some smaller ones have, so get these. Finally Finished Da sketchbook. February 27th, 4. Wow, I have been trying dws get this book. It was recommended from one of the instructors of the workshop and I have been looking for it since. Even if it is in german, I heard that the mwnschen and plates are worth it. February 28th, 5. Does anyone know if this book is in pdf format, or is it still in copyright? February 28th, 6. February 28th, 7. February 28th, 8.


Judging from your comment, i’m guessing the book is still in print, but that doesn’t make sense ’cause all i bames on sites are used copies Is the book still in print or what? Could someone please answer this? February 29th, 9. The book ist still in print There was a cheaper version some years ago by the german publisher Zweitausendeins who sold it for 25 Euro. May 4th, I bought this book without even knowing german!

My Mentee sign up. You don’t need to know how to speak German to appreciate what this book has to offer. This is one of the best books on anatomy available; probably one of my most valuable purchases as an artist.

First saw it at the Sketchmeet last month I think, and then our Drawing teacher recommended another one of Bammes’ books Menschen Zeichnen – Drawing Humansso I think I’ll give ded a go. I saw it in a library and gotta say it’s pretty damn big.

Full of photos and sketches. If you can, get it. May 6th, Alright, the book arrived today I Amazon.

Pretty sure this will be my book concerning anatomy. Gotftried seems to combine all good resources from earlier eras, lending from former masters, from Da Vinci to Hogarth. There’s a downside though. The text is very dle and even though I’m well trained in grammar, reading a sentence in the book is a pain. No wonder it hasn’t been translated yet. Even the captions are overly complicated. This looks like it has the philosophies of Bridgeman, but in a more real world explanation. Don’t confuse it with facts.

Jabo, did you read the introduction? Bammes heartily hates Loomis and disregards Hogarth as the synthesis of the “Muscle man” Regarding Bridgman Bammes is much more scientific – I use Bridgman when thinking about rythm and Bammes when thinking about technics May 7th, I think Jabo was referring to the 18th century Hogarth. Are you guys saying Hogarth was a hack? Basically, I’m saying that to make certain I buy the best books, meaning I might want to avoid Hogarth books I was meaning Hogarth as in “Some Hogarth studies, I can’t draw!

Well, screw me, What I was trying to say that the book is more of a collection of nammes studies, interconnected with each other by Bammes to help understand it all a little better. Rather universal gottrried you ask me.

Still confused by mendchen those vintage reference photos, the hair styles especially. May 8th, Hehe, I really love this pictures – maybe because they are even older than me. But the technique he used photographing the naked bodies with graphite powder is imo really helpful.


Die Gestalt Des Menschen by Gottfried Bammes

And some of the models the old athlete and the dancer are really great. I can speak some German, so if anyone wants something translated, I can probably help you out.

This book is highly technical. Yeah I figure that I’ll probably have to break out the English-German dictionary on this one haha.

But I think I can piece together enough familiar words to make sense of it, so feel free to send me anything ya want translated and I’ll do the best I can.

Haha, 6 years of German in high school and junior high suddenly comes in handy! Originally Posted by Fipse. May 9th, Will surely complement my Bridgeman studies, thanks so much for taking the time for this. Please help me improve! May 13th, As soon as i saw these pictures i knew i had to get this book.

It’s just arrived and i’m simply just astonished how good this book is even though i can’t understand a word of German. I have all the usual suspects Richer,loomis,Peck,Bridgman,Vanderpoel etc etc,but i now wish that i bought this sooner.

This book is expensive for a reason,and if money is no object you really need to get this book like Wow, this looks like a must-have! I will pick up a copy tomorrow.

For those of you who are struggling with the German language, don’t hesitate to ask me gestaly you want to know, I’m a native speaker. There is also an excellent web dictionary you might find useful: Cabbage CaterpillarMiss. October 2nd, March 9th, Which year is the version with the slipcover from? Is that the one?

Die Gestalt Des Menschen

My teacher showed me this a while back and I’ve been menschfn to locate her version incessantly. The thing has been reprinted like 5 times and I’m not sure which one was hers but it was really nice.

How I do it at Valve Software Artists Available for Work! Similar Threads should i buy Die Gestalt des Menschen for a bucks? By phoshoww in forum Art Discussions.