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“This is the fourth edition of this interesting graph theory textbook. The author marked paragraphs recommended for a first course and also some exercises. Reinhard Diestel. Graph Theory. Electronic Edition There is now a 4th electronic edition, available at You should be able. Title Graph Theory, 4th Edition (Graduate Texts in Mathematics); Authors Reinhard Diestel; Publisher: Springer; 5th ed. edition (July 21, ), 4th Edition.

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint. Reinhard DiestelJulian Pott: Dual trees must share their ends. Duality Theorems for Blocks and Tangles in Graphs. Johannes CarmesinReinhard DiestelM. HamannFabian Hundertmark: Canonical tree-decompositions of finite graphs I. The structure of 2-separations of infinite matroids. Canonical tree-decompositions of finite graphs II. Reinhard DiestelGeoff Whittle: Tangles and the Mona Lisa. Connectivity and tree structure in 4thh graphs.

Diestel, Graph Theory (4th ed’n), Professional Edition

A Connectivity Invariant for Graphs. Reinhard DiestelSang-il Oum: Graph Theory, 4th Edition. Locally finite graphs with ends: A topological approach, III. Fundamental group and homology. Discrete Mathematics 1: On the excluded minor structure theorem for graphs of large tree-width. A topological approach, I. Discrete Mathematics Henning BruhnReinhard Diestel: Infinite matroids in graphs. Decomposing infinite matroids into their 3-connected minors. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 4rh of rayless graphs.


Every rayless graph has an unfriendly partition. The homology of a locally finite siestel with ends. A topological approach, II.

Reinhard Diestel Graph Theory 4 th Electronic Edition 2010 c ©

MacLane’s theorem for arbitrary surfaces. SpringerISBNpp.

Global Connectivity And Expansion: Duality in Infinite Graphs. End spaces and spanning trees. Reinhard DiestelCarsten Thomassen: The American Mathematical Monthly 2: The Cycle Space of an Infinite Graph. Discrete Applied Mathematics 2: Cycle-cocycle partitions and faithful cycle covers for locally finite graphs. Journal of Graph Theory 50 2: Menger’s theorem for infinite graphs with ends. Journal of Graph Theory 50 3: On Infinite Cycles I. On Infinite Cycles II.

Reinhard DiestelChristof Rempel: Topological paths, cycles and spanning trees in infinite graphs. On Infinite Cycles in Graphs: The American Mathematical Monthly 7: The countable Erds-Menger conjecture with ends. Graph-theoretical versus topological ends of graphs. Reinhard DiestelOleg Pikhurko: Factoring a Poset into Lean Essential Subsets. Patrick BellenbaumReinhard Diestel: An accessibility theorem for infinite graph minors.

Journal of Graph Theory 35 4: Reinhard DiestelTommy R. JensenKonstantin Yu.

dblp: Reinhard Diestel

GorbunovCarsten Thomassen: Reinhard DiestelRobin Thomas: Excluding a Countable Clique. A universal planar graph under the minor relation. Journal of Graph Theory 32 2: A Short Proof of the Path-width Theorem.


Reinhard DiestelImre Leader: The Growth of Infinite Graphs: Boundedness and Finite Spreading. Ron AharoniReinhard Diestel: Menger’s Theorem for a Countable Source Set. Domination Games on Infinite Graphs. The end structure of a graph: The structure of TK a -free graphs.

On spanning trees and k -connectedness in infinite graphs. Discrete Mathematics 95 Dominating functions and topological graph minors. Graph Structure Theory Simplicial tree-decompositions of infinite graphs, I.

Simplicial tree-decompositions of infinite graphs. The existence of prime decompositions. The uniqueness of prime decompositions. Simplicial decompositions of graphs: Discrete Mathematics 75 Tree-decompositions, tree-representability and chordal graphs.

Discrete Mathematics 71 2: Simplicial decompositions of graphs – Some uniqueness results. A separation property of planar triangulations.

Journal of Graph Theory 11 1: Some remarks on universal graphs. On the problem of finding small subdivision and homomorphism bases for classes of countable graphs. Discrete Mathematics 55 1: Maya Jakobine Stein diestell