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The RP is the middle model in Digitech’s new range of three digital guitar preamps, all of which take advantage of the company’s newly developed Audio. If you want to add an extra flare of style to your guitar playing, you can try the DigiTech RP effects pedal. This small yet versatile digital processor comes. The Digitech RP Guitar Modeling Processor is a comprehensive guitar workstation that makes Digitech’s Component Modeling technology easy and intuitive.

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Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. This is a multieffects unit with limited amp modeling capabilities. Editing the patches manually is really straight forward.

There is also a computer program that can be used to edit the patches, its very easy to use as well.

It has a built in drum machine, which is a very cool feature. Meaning you can use it to directly record the patches.

The sound quality is decent and there’s a headphone out for direct monitoring. I never needed to utilize the manual so I can’t comment on it. They’re definitely not spectacular, but they sound nice and are very usable. The bypass is just like the effects, not amazing but useable. It colors your tone a bit, but its not in a bad way, it just is. Like every multieffects unit I’ve tried the distortions leave a lot to be desired. They’re overall kind of thin and lacking punch. They can be set up to sound okay, but they’re mostly very weak and mediocre.

The build in drum machine sounds really nice, and its really handy for r;250 out song ideas. The recording aspect of it its pretty nice. It sounds as good as your patches do, so it works as advertised. The effects sound nice, the distortions are okay, and the built in drum machine and USB recording features are really handy for making quick sketches of songs.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to play around with a lot of cool sounds I highly recommend it, digitceh you’re looking for prolevel effects to use for gigging and studio definitely look elsewhere. Did you find this review helpful? I’m not a guitarist, I play keyboards. I connected the RP to a Fender Rhodes and the result is great!

I had to make my own presets but it was worth it. The Twin Reverb simulation is stunning and it allows me to have less bulky gear. I use the distortion, phasing, flanging, delay and wha effects. It certainly depends on what you play and it’s digiyech interesting for djgitech accompaniment and pop songs, but it’s great to get a seventies sound, or for electric jazz stuff, jazz rock and psychedelic music! I also use the footboard with a Roland VK8 for old school hard rock. I like most of all its sound and the sturdy metal housing.


I wanted a dirty vintage sound without using half a dozen effect pedals and I find this small Digitech is great. Great value for money.

DigiTech RP-250 Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal

I give it only a 9 because of the PSU connector. This pedal is a processor modeling guitar amp. It can therefore mimic some amps, and especially to create through a whole range of adjustment and its effects clean amp. It can therefore presets for each in memory it seems, finally has it right not need as much, do not worry edit his sound. Regarding the effects are all several types of reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, and less common things like a variable pitch.

There really and in all good show, very good qualities. Delay for loop, same analog delay, digital, stereo delay ping, etc. We can tweak the pedal or with software to build the sound you want and save it. Rp2550 defect, apparently common among Digitech: And my tastes, and Dual Rectifier Marshall imitations are very far from the original models.

However, taking his time we can find what you’re looking but really taking his time. I recommend however to have an amp “clean” to connect the pedal on, it’s not a frontman 10w you have something clean.

The manual is clear?? I dunno, I’m not needed. In passing the pedal features two mono outputs digiech use the ping delay. Note that by Sort this out a bit we can get a looper for five seconds with digital delay set to max, then playing, dihitech adjusting the repetitions from 99 to and finally, turning the knobs presets c is not much but for this price there is bonus and I digitecu say that I’m using it a lot. I play mostly metal but also a lot of rock, funk or blues?

And for all these styles should pedal. Even the metal that has prirori seems hard to reach the presets are average metal can give good results. I sounds really approaching the chlidren Of Bodom or Sonata Arctica. I plug the pedal on a line 6 spider III 15w, which has its own rp2250 flat, but the coup transcribed much pedal and guitar.

However do not expect to have a portable sound at will, because according to the size of the room as the amp and there are chain-end sound is profoundly changed.

All user reviews for the DigiTech RP250

So for the scene is bof unable to pay on the other hand for home, it really is nickel, it can open opportunities that would not with another amp the wah is also good. I use it for 2 years I think, and I’m not complaining. I do it again this election, but now I have more sensitivity and musically I’m going to upper water dual corrected: For an input, a USB connection, headphone output, stereo outputs, not noon function beatbox. There is no sound really bad we have to choose his cab for me digitech-metal or greenback.

There are effects autoyah funny style and vintage tremolo, after it must feel like to use it. The criticism that I would do is the proximity of the pedals which there is a chance to press a button by mistake and not look very pro for the concerts.

  ESQCR 2002 PDF

Two pedals up and down for selection of effect! Everything has been said I use it in computer music on a Mac, no problem. The publisher is Xedit. I even used a sound card in time!

User reviews: DigiTech RP – Audiofanzine

No other model tested. Rather beefy hardware, in expression pedal for a touchdown not great, but hey, y ‘one. Good finish plastic solid, nice pedal metal On all day in config digitecy card, no worries. At that price, it’s the ball! I was planning to buy a pedal, and with digitevh budget I found myself with an expression of USB and more!

Yes, I will redeem it without problem. T says it all see the manufacturer’s website for dtails. In this case it trs simple, convenient and effective!

In fact everything is under the eyes and the mouse. Directly into a PC I recommend “mutate” simulations of Staff select “Direct” and use a “real” simulator columns like Palmer.

So we move the bees a good sound quality with Palmer. The pedals of expression in “volume pedals” is useless because I think the sound is too numrique effect of pitch In terms of amp simulations, it is really good!

They are well balanced and the frquences are good and do well in the mix. The simulations are also pedals distos trs good and effective! I must say that through my music and vigitech Systm are the pedals and multi effects the dgitech “cheap” that give me the greatest satisfaction I bought the RP to occas’ and I recommend it highly. I do not know if I would use it live or in a group but when divitech is working computer music I am more than satisfied!

I’d even tried to pay me the story of RP have more simulations as they seem in General for quality.

Multi-effects pedal with 60 “patches” factory and 60 user-editable patches. Intgr Digitevh function and” Bypass “. There is also a rhythm box with 60 different rhythms rock, blues, mtal, jazz, country, hiphop.

The USB connection cable is not supplied as standard. The PDAL is complte trs in a housing mtal solid. Easy to use if we handle this type of adjacent pedals, is branch and we play by the different patches dfile by footswitches. For each patch, all rglages displayed and can be modified with immediate effect. There is a manual in English and in French also are basic but usable and comprhensibles.

The use of X-Edit2 editor may require the updating of Prior “Firmware” from the pedals. This opration is relatively simple, but can sometimes rvler dlicate.