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I used to have may of the Doug Nadel’s REXX with me but it seems his website if no working now. And I don’t have the backup of those REXXs. Tso ispf pdf portuguese html regismain sdsf sdsf, ispf e tso. Doug adams for many ispf tablecoding examples, including the excellent find routines. Computers. Doug Nadel’s A Few OS/ Tools and Toys has [ TASID (System OS/ freeware page has [XMITIP:: TSOEMail:: FTPBatch:: and more ].

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An ISPF Edit Macro to convert the data being edited to CSV comma separated value format which can then be downloaded and imported into a spreadsheet or database See the Documents page for the users guide. Includes info on setting up automation to capture the information and then migrate the dump dataset along with a started task to migrate nade still online after an IPL.


IBM MAINFRAME: run CLIST or REXX program using JCL

Generalized routine to be inserted into a REXX application to dynamically load inline clists, execs, msgs, panels, or skels and then libdef or altlib. Only supports cataloged datasets and supports most symbolics substitution. Now dynamically picks up SYSx. The user can alter the colors for the panels if the defaults don’t agree with them bahch. User Documentation and Installation Guide are provided.

It has been tested to produce zero duplicates withiterations.

Mainframe FREEWARE links

See CMT for a more flexible version. Read the User’s Guide.

Read the short doc for more info. Now with doc in ePub format. Categories and enhanced searching across shelves. Major updates thanks to Barry Gilder. Includes truncation warnings and sequence number corrections.

Fun REXX exec to display the numeric value of a word e. Compare two PDS libraries not load libraries and Copy the differences easily.

Display a selection list of known TSO Help members and provide a formatted view. Now with run time parameters including the ability to bypass the ISPF dialog prompts. This package is in TSO Transmit format.


ISPF Tutorial included with doc. Users Guides available in pdfepuband mobi formats.

Mainframe Freeware

To browse visit Here. ISPF dialog to display the active Fastpath commands.

Generalized ISPF production invocation process for program products and local applications to avoid nwdel to update the logon proc for DD allocations. This site is a member of WebRing.