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“10 copies available. Serbian language, latinica, 24 cm, Java, Jedan od autora programskog jezika Java i njene standardne biblioteke uci vas kako da. Zlatan Đukić Programiranje u Javi – od početnika do stručnjaka. Prezadovoljan sam kursom. Kurs je stvarno prilagođen totalnim početnicima i sve se može. Items 1 – 50 of 50 Observation of the time dependence of B0d-B0d mixing · (United States). Buskulic, D.; de Bonis, I.; Decamp, D.; Ghez, P.; Goy, C.;.

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Goto naredba — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

Observation of the time dependence of B 0 d-B 0 d mixing. From a fit for the oscillation frequency the mass difference of the B 0 d states is measured: In the second method, the decay time is measured using a lepton in one hemisphere and the initial state is inferred from the opposite-hemisphere jet charge.

The third method uses a lepton in each hemisphere. The data used were collected from to In this study a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3. Their measurements efiikasno in agreement with the expectation derived from a cited reference and with previous measurements. Semileptonic b decays to tau leptons provide a powerful probe for violations programirqnje charged lepton universality due to physics beyond the standard model. In particular, new particles with Higgs-like enhanced couplings to the third generation fermions may induce large deviations from the well-understood standard model expectations.

The decay rates for these processes remain poorly measured compared to the corresponding processes involving the light leptons, and tantalizing but inconclusive hints of a deviation from the Standard Model have been reported. Beside other goals, it also aims at the study of Eflkasno -hadrons. B -physics offers a large number of channels that can provide information about some fundamental properties of our universe.

Among them, the B 0 programiranke This thesis describes the analysis of 4. The main steps of analysis are described, such as the selection of the signal events, the data efikssno procedure and the estimation of uncertainties.

The obtained results are compared with other experiments and with the Standard Model prediction. After applying all selection requirements, we observe no candidates inside the B0 s or B 0 d mass windows. The study of processes involving flavour-changing neutral currents provides a particularly promising probe for New Physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. These processes are forbidden at tree level and proceed through loop processes, which are strongly suppressed in the Standard Model.

Cross-sections for these processes can be significantly enhanced by contributions from new particles as they are proposed in most extentions of the Standard Model. The analysis was performed on 4. The branching fraction for the decay B 0 d! Normalizing to the known branching fraction for B 0 d!

All measurements are in agreement with the Standard Model. The study is using The results are compatible with the Standard Model predictions.

Goto naredba

Krvarenje iz karcinoma debelog crijeva. Being not limited by the collision energy, indirect searches are sensitive to particle masses which are larger than those accessible in direct searches. For this reason, indirect searches are a powerful tool to probe heavy particles that cannot be produced at colliders.


The decay probability is however precisely predicted in the Standard Model, as the purely leptonic final state allows to condensate hadronic interactions into a single constant. Samoje lutshsheje vremja; Suuman, Aleksander. Uteshenje; Nitshja; Alver, Betti.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Franje u gradu Krku te kip Sv. Marije Magdalene iz zbirke samostana Sv.

Lovre u Soavi Aelred iz Rievaulxa o duhovnom prijeteljstvu. Vojnici, odlikovanja i vojno znakovlje na nadgrobnim spomenicima iz Viminacija.

Vojna odlikovanja su prikazana u oblik Veteran Kvinto Valerije iz Ikonija bio je pripadnik Vii. Valerius Anteros, vjerojatno su maloazijski domoroci koji nose romanizirana imena. I ostali pripadnici vii. Milijada, Pesinunt, Konana i Sevastopol Izolacija monoterpenov je potekala s postopk Ekstrakcija polifenola iz korijena biljke Urtica dioica L.

It is over years old and has a history worthy of pride. It became known as “Hospital of the pests” and was preceded by the old House of Insulation, which served as a quarantine station during epidemics of cholera, yellow fever and smallpox.

It receives numerous national and foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students in its Departments of Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Diseases. Cilj teh tehnologij je z Diplomsko delo opisuje gospodarjenje z odpadki iz polimernih materialov s poudarkom na Evropski uniji EU. V nadaljevanju je predstavljena problematika trajnostnega sonaravnega razvoja, njegova so Nedopiran lantanov galat smo pripravljali z zgorevalno sintezo iz raztopin v sistemu kovinski nitra Maja je bil na podlagi sodelovanja obeh odborov izdan nov standard MSRP 15 — Prihodki iz pogodb s strankami.

Pomorsko-geografske slike dijela hrvatskoga Jadrana. Stoga njegov rad predstavlja posve izvoran opis zadarskog akvatorija, koji zbog obilja novih podataka donosi potpuno nove znanstvene spoznaje. V okviru te magistrske naloge smo primerjali mikrobioto iz industr Permeabilization of Saccharomyces fragilis IZ cells with ethanol to obtain a biocatalyst with lactose hydrolysis capacity. Full Text Available The permeabilization was used to transform microorganisms in cell biocatalysts with high enzymatic activity.

The Saccharomyces fragilis IZ yeast cells were permeabilized with ethanol, as permeabilizing agent.

To optimize the permeabilization conditions were used the design of Box-Behnken 15 trials 3 central points. The answer Y function has beta-galactosidase activity U mg The maximum activity of the enzyme beta-galactosidase obtained was The permeabilization of the S. Analiza se sastoji od nekoliko tematski podijeljenih nx. Para el recuento de las radiaciones procedentes de muestras de baja actividad es condicion primordial la estabilidad del sistema electronico utilizado, especialmente a fin de evitar el recuento de impulsos parasitos.

Se describe un procedimiento que consiste en alimentar el sistema electronico con impulsos generados a un ritmo determinado, que pasan por el amplificador y se des- cuentan del numero bruto de impulsos registrado.

En general, los circuitos equipados con transistores, inclusive en los preamplificadore s y en las fuentes de tension, son mas satisfactorios que los dispositivos clasicos basados en el empleo de valvulas electronicas.

CHasto poyavlyaetsya neobkhodimost’ v podschete izluchenij maloj moshchnosti v oblasti biologii i pri issledovanii metodom mechenykh atomov, v chastnosti, v tekh sluchayakh, kogda ispol’zovanie radiatsii bol’shoj moshchnosti mozhet izmenyat’ khod raboty apparata ili okazyvat’ vliyanie na izuchaemyj protsess. V drugikh sluchayakh poyavlyayutsya dopolnitel’ny e trebovaniya vsledstvie togo, chto radioaktivnye izotopy mogut imet’ ochen’ korotkij period poluraspada.

Imeyutsya tri osnovnykh puti uvelicheniya nadezhnosti izmerenij radiatsii maloj moshchnosti: V dannom dokumente opisyvayutsya sravnitel’ny e ehksperimenty svyazannye s efijasno otnositel’ny kh kachestv trekh razlichnykh tipov zashchishchennykh schetchikov.

Latin borrowed large enough numbers of those with vocalism in -i- so that an independently productive derivational pattern arose in Progamiranje. The derivational function, however, remained dominant and was even propagated to the Germanic languages.


We find that earthquakes exceeding estimated PGA values of ca. Locations, chemistry and origins. In this study, horizontal temperature measurements along organized grids have been used to detect subaqueous hot springs.

Istodobno je napravljena i usporedba s Full Text Available In Mexico the traditional markets are places that reflect the interaction between people and plants, so they come to define the identity in the area prgoramiranje they are.

Structured Interviews were made to people who sell the plants, in order to record their common name, use, preparation, route of administration, the kind of disease they cure, healing, cost per sample, origin of species, time in collecting them and, if they are indirectly bought, how much sellers pay for each one and how they learned the use of medicinal plants.

The collection of the botanical material was conducted through the acquisition of samples in fresh and dry, for subsequent identification.

As for its origin, 43 of these species are wild and 11 are grown, some of them have double performance. The most outstanding families were Asteraceae, Lamiaceae, and Fabaceae. From all the registered species of medicinal plants we found that 61 are introduced, 73 native and the origin of 10 eflkasno them is unknown.

We also registered, according to the surveys applied to sellers, that species are wild and 33 cultivated, all of which are sold both fresh and dry.

De la villa medieval a la ciudad renacentista. In this case, it is linked to the development of the town Council, and the progressive local independence from the Calatrava Lordship, whose headquarter were inside the castle.

We have researched the medieval town planning promoted by the Calatravos since the repopulation of the territory. From the medieval Council House, sited in the Common Houses, a new model of urbanism is developed, with new public spaces programirwnje the Main Square, wider and more regular street patterns and the development of a more standarized way of building that has co-existed with the medieval quarters until the present days. The influence of factors as temperature, characteristics of fuel, burnup rate and burnup level was analyzed.

Razmatrano je proucavanje izdvajanja fisionih gasova iz goriva za reaktore snage. Analiziran je uticaj faktora kao sto su temperatura, karakteristike goriva, brzina i stepen izgaranja author. The comparison with results obtained in previous experiments will show possible systematic errors.

Once the systematic errors will be understood, the possible discrepancies with the expected results will be the sign of a new physics beyond the Standard Model. These introduce an additional parameter: U dalmatinskom kiparstvu prve polovice Kriminal i represivni sustav u Osijeku na prijelazu iz Suspenzijo s kulturo T.

Earthquake-triggered landslides amplify erosion rates in catchments, i. In addition to historical eyewitness accounts of muddy rivers implying CRs after large earthquakes, several jabi have quantitatively reported increased sediment concentrations in rivers erikasno earthquakes.