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Hier finden Sie alles rund um die Encaustic auch Enkaustik geschrieben: Encaustic-Wachsfarben, Encaustic Set, Maleisen, Encaustic-Pen, Encaustic Zubehör. Encaustic is a wax based paint (composed of beeswax, resin and pigment), which is kept molten on a heated palette. It is applied to an absorbent surface and. Cold Wax Recipes Anleitungen, Malen, Wachskunst, Encausticmalerei, Abstrakte KunstKunst AnleitungMalerei TutorialsKunsttechnikenKaltGemälKunst.

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Encaustic Scrolls with Calendar pages With the turn of anleitjng new year, like many others, I take time to reflect on the year that has past and to set goals and to dream for the year ahead.

Reflecting on the Past Year This year, instead of sitting down to write out my reflections onI painted. Encaustic Paper Scrolls Here is the exact process I followed to make encaustic scrolls and adhere them to a board. I began anleitugn the pages of our fridge calendar and worked one month at a time.

Encaustic – Enkaustik – Encaustic Set – Encaustic Wachsfarben – Encaustic Zubehör

I spritzed some of the pages with walnut Here are my notes and additional research and reflections about working on two panels. What is a diptych? Historically a diptych was joined together envaustic hinges and the two panels were of equal size.


The hinged panels could fold close like a book. Common in the middle ages, small Photographers can take their art to a new level adding more interest and texture to their pictures.

Given encausti importance of light in photography, it seems a natural marriage, since wax refracts light in unique ways and can add an otherworldly quality to photographs.

Encaustic Painting Process How to paint with Encaustic Before you begin to paint with encaustic, you’ll need to pick-up encaustic art supplies and set-up a studio space. Once you have all the supplies you need in-hand, come back here to learn how to paint with encaustic. Before you begin to paint you may wish to use painter’s tape to cover the sides of your panel.

When you’re finished the piece you can remove the tape and decide how Many artists buy the raw materials and make their own. Here’s what you need to know to make your own encaustic wax medium – materials and step-by-step instructions.


Encaustic Painting Tutorials

What is encaustic medium? Encaustic medium is made with filtered beeswax and damar resin crystals. In its natural state beeswax is yellow. Bee pollen gives natural beeswax its yellow colour.

Framing Your Encaustic Work To frame or not to frame? Historically, an unframed painting was considered incomplete.

Alles Encaustic – Alles Encaustic – Enkaustik

Frames were used to enhance the work, separate it from the wall, and add additional support by preventing the stretchers and canvases from warping. The images are usually matted and placed under glass. In modern times, this notion of a work being incomplete has faded ableitung as artists, we have an entire array of framing