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An extended documentation could be found on Enfuse reference manual. Other programs using Exposure Fusion: tufuse and PTGui Pro. The Enfuse reference manual for the most recent version in different formats can be found on (as can that for. enfuse man page. enfuse — manual page for enfuse force COLORSPACE for blending operations; Enfuse uses “CIELUV” for images with ICC-profile and.

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To unlock the full functionality the author requests that you make a donation to support future development.

Enfuse always use the magnitude of curvature for weighting. Advanced focus stacking as described in the next sections delivers superior results in case of artifacts, though requires manually tuning several parameters.

Smaller apertures enfuwe this is larger aperture numbers — increase the DOF and vice versa. The typical artifacts that show up are.

enfuse man page

The solution to this dilema is image stacking! Suppressing Noise or Recognizing Faint Edges. These pixels are considered better exposed as those with high or low luminance levels. The section describes some of the novel possibilities that Enfuse offers the photographer. Taking pictures at this aperture the photographer squeezes the maximum quality out of the lens. The quality of the result is subject to your artistic interpretation.

Use exactly this many levels for pyramid blending. If an input image lacks an alpha channel, Enfuse will issue a warning and continue assuming all pixels should contribute to the final output. Extremes are untypical, however. Burt and Edward H. Depending on the subject one of several grayscale projectors may yield the best black-and-white contrast for image fusion.


The basic idea is that pixels in the input images are weighted according to qualities such as proper exposure, enfusr contrast, and high saturation. To unlock enfuae full functionality the author requests that you make a donation maunal support future development.

This manual is for Enfuse version 3. This is a donationware product. Playing with the weights may or may not give you a more pleasing result. Sets the relative weight of high-saturation pixels.

A Detailed Look at the Problem. Finally, the image is re-imported into Lightroom and a little fill-light applied.

LR/Enfuse – Blend Multiple Exposures Together in Adobe Lightroom

If you’re not sure then start at the top and try a blend – if it doesn’t work then work your way down the list. Enfuse currently does not blend the zenith or the nadir, so you may still see some seams in these areas. Scale on which to look for edges. What Makes Images Fusable? A large window results in a large sample size and therefore in a reliable entropy, but considering pixels far away from the center degrades H into a non-local measure. Flash Exposure Series — Directed Lighting.

This is exactly what Enfuse can do. In other words, the dynamic range increases slightly, because the higher signal-to-noise ratio makes darker shades usable. Image staking allows you to take a lot of shorter exposures and combine them for enfise longer total exposure time with star trails.


However, saturation weighting is not limited to grayscale data.

All future updates are free. The sky and foreground thus often require two radically different exposures. It was written by Dr. Enfuse merges overlapping images using the Mertens-Kautz-Van Reeth exposure fusion algorithm.

The impact on the result quality is not easy to define. A low number trades off quality of results for faster execution time and lower memory usage. This simplified process often works much better than tonemapping algorithms.

The normalized mask files relentlessly disclose such problems. An exposure series is a set of images taken with identical parameters except for the exposure time. Obviously, the variance of is the expectation value of the squared deviation from the expectation value of itself. Entropy The entropy criteria prefers pixels inside a high-entropy neighborhood. The Laplacian of Gaussian LoG is an operator to detect edges in an image.

The authors encourage you to experiment, perhaps using down-sized 3 or cropped images for speed.