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Ergaticus × ; KB. 0 references. taxon name. Ergaticus ruber . 1 reference. stated in · Integrated Taxonomic Information System · publication. Systematics. Geographic Variation. Three currently recognized subspecies: melanauris, described as Ergaticus ruber melanauris Moore ; type locality. Red Warbler (Ergaticus ruber) in Sinaloa, Mexico. Date, 1 November , 2 pages uses this file: Cardellina rubra · File:Ergaticus ruber

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Ergaticus was a genus of New World warblers — small passerine birds found only in the Americas.

Red Warbler (Ergaticus ruber) | A common yet stunning bird o… | Flickr

It was subsumed into Cardellina in The name is the Latinized version of the Ancient Greek ergatikosmeaning “willing or able to work”.

The genus contains two sister species: Though they are separated by geography and differ considerably in plumagethe two have sometimes been considered to be conspecific. Both are average-sized warblers. Adult plumage is largely red, while juvenile plumage is largely “pinkish cinnamon-brown”. The bill is small and narrow at the base even for a New World warbler. The tail is rounded and relatively long Ridgway The songs consist of high-pitched chips and short trills Howell and Webb They occur singly or in pairs and may join mixed-species feeding flocks Howell and Webb The nest is shaped like an old-fashioned oven with ergatkcus opening to the top or side, made of pine needles, grass, or similar materials.


It is placed on rruber ground or on a bank. Both can lay 3 or 4 eggs; the pink-headed warbler sometimes lays only 2.

Red warbler

The eggs are off-white with reddish-brown and gray speckles Howell and Webb Spencer Fullerton Baird created the genus Ergaticus inusing it to separate several species from what he felt was the closely related genus Cardellina. It is closest to the genus Cardellinawith which it shares a common ancestor, and slightly more distantly related to the genus Wilsonia.

There are two sister species, separated by the low-lying Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the genus. The red warbler, E.

Its three subspecieswhich differ slightly in appearance, are found in three disjunct populations. The pink-headed warbler, E. It is monotypic across its limited range. Ergaticus is the Latinized version of the Ancient Ergaticud ergatikosmeaning “willing or able to work”.

These are medium-sized warblers, measuring The red warbler has white or silvery-gray ear patches the color depends on the subspecieswhile the pink-headed warbler’s head and chest are silvery-pink.


The sexes are similar in both species. They have small, narrow billswith rictal bristles that extend more than halfway down their length.

Both the pink-headed and red warblers are birds of highland forest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ergaticus Red warbler Scientific classification Kingdom: The birds of North and Middle America. Archived from the original PDF on Uses editors parameter link.

Retrieved from ” https: Uses editors parameter Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikispecies. This page was last edited on 2 Juneat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Ergatjcus Policy. Ergaticus Baird