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12 Scaling Presentation Switcher. IN User Guide. Scalers and Scan .. The Extron IN is an eight-input video and stereo audio switcher that. The IN is an economical, eight input video and RGB presentation switcher that also provides high quality upscaling and downscaling for a wide variety of. This guide provides quick start instructions for an experienced installer to set up and operate the Extron IN Scaling Presentation Switcher. Installation and.

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Thisequipment is intended to be used with a main power system with a grounded neutral conductor. Thethird grounding pin is a safety feature, do not attempt to bypass or disable it. Operation is subject tothe following two conditions: If desired, mount the switcher in a rack. Output A — Connect an audio device,such as an amplifier or in158, to these left and right RCAconnectors.

Inputs 3 and 4 — Connecttwo S-video sources. The green input LED indicates the inputthat is scaled and displayed in the main imagewindow. G03 08All trademarks mentioned in this manual are the properties of their respective owners. To avoid the lossof an image or jitter, follow these guidelines: Audio outputs — The switcher provides an unbalanced line level signal that isidentical to the input signal.

This output can drive any line level compatibleaudio unit, or a local device such as powered speakers. When film is converted in15008 NTSC video, the film frame rate has to bematched to the video frame rate in a process called 3: Jaggies andother image artifacts can result if conventional deinterlacing techniques areused on film-source video. Freeze mode — Provides a high quality still image for applications that requireclose examination of a specific video frame.

Blank mode — Suppresses the output video image.

Extron IN1508 Scaling Switcher

Blank silences the R, G, and Bvideo outputs but the switcher still outputs sync. This ensures that theoutput device does not lose sync lock. Blank mode operates for video andRGB signals that are processed by the scaling circuitry. On-screen displaysare not blanked. Tabletop useAttach a self-adhesive rubber foot to each corner of the bottom of the switcher.

Rack mountingUL xetron following Underwriters Laboratories UL requirements pertain to theinstallation of the switcher into a rack figure Secure the switcher to the rack using the supplied machine screws.

Cabling and Rear Panel ViewsAll connectors are on the rear panel figure LRInput 6 through Input 8 connectors — Connect unbalanced stereo audiosources such as computers to these 3. Figure shows how to wire the audio jack. RS connection12Remote in15088 — Connect a host device, such as a computer or touch panelcontrol, to the IN switcher via this 9-pin D connector for serial RScontrol figure Many controls areduplicated on the IR remote control figure on page Front panel LEDsprovide graphic indication of some of the basic system functions.

For morecomplex tasks, such as system configuration, the switcher has a menu system thatis operated by using the front panel or IR remote control buttons. Input controls2Input buttons — The Input 1 through Input 8 buttons figure select etxron video input to scale un1508 output.

  ISO 9308-2 PDF

Extron 8 Input Scaling Presentation Switcher With Pip IN 51c7 | eBay

Audio always follows switches with the front panel video selection. The switcherdefaults to a refresh rate of 60 Hz with each resolution selection using theOutput Rate button. Eight IN output resolutions are not available from the front panel. If you press and hold the PIP On button while you apply power to theswitcher, the switcher toggles the output signal type between RGB andprogressive component video.

These adjustments are also available via themenu system. Center control button — The Center button selects and deselects the displaycentering adjustment. The blank screen and muted audio are deselectedwhen a new input is selected.

Freeze — The Freeze button toggles the freeze feature on and off. Freezestops the image at the moment you activate the feature and outputs a stillimage. Freeze is deselected when a new input is selected. The adjustment rangefor both color and tint is from 0 to In figureand all other flowcharts in this chapter, solid lines indicatescreen changes initiated by the operator.

Dashed lines indicate screen changesthat are the result of a timeout function.

Menu button — Press the front panel or IR remote control Menu button to activatethe menu system or to back up one level from the currently selected submenuor selection. For example, pressing the Menu button in the Picture submenuturns off the Picture submenu selections and the switcher displays the mainmenu only. When you firstactivate the selection box control, the selected option is marked with a. Use thefront panel or IR remote control and buttons to move the to highlight otheroptions.

Extron IN Scaling Switcher | Mega Vision

Highlighting a different option by moving the does not automatically selectthat option. You must push the front panel or IR remote control Enter buttonto change the selection.

Many status indicator bar controls can be activated in three ways figure If necessary, select the input that you want to adjust by pressing theappropriate input button. For menu system operation: Center selectionThe Center selection displays two status indicator bars that show, and allow you toadjust, the horizontal and vertical position of the main or picture-in-picture outputon the monitor.

Mostusers do not encounter such signals. For those users who do, the switcherautomatically adjusts these settings. The Advanced screen provides a submenu of advanced selection sxtron Brightness status indicator barThe Brightness status indicator bar shows, and allows you to adjust, the brightnesssetting for the selected input.

Brightness adjusts the light intensity of the image onthe screen. Use the front panel or IR remote control and buttons to adjust thebrightness control through a range of 0 to The default setting is Contrast status indicator barThe Contrast status indicator bar shows, and allows you to adjust, the contrastsetting for the selected input. Use the front panel or IR remotecontrol and buttons to highlight the kn1508 selection and press the Enter button.

Resolution selection boxThe front panel Output Rate button can also be used to select most resolutions,with the following exceptions: The table at rightdefines the combinations ofresolutions and refresh ratesthat the switcher can output. in108

The default resolution is XGA. To select wxtron different sync type, use the frontpanel or IR remote control or button to highlight the desired sync type andpress the enter button. Audio Delay selection boxThe Audio Delay selection box provides the ability to turn audio delay on and off. Use the front panel or IR remote control and buttons to select On orOff.


The default is On.

Select swap by highlighting the Swap selection andpressing the Enter or button. Repeatedly press the Enter or button to togglebetween the main and PIP windows. Press the, or inn1508 to deselect Swap,or allow the menu timeout from the final button push to clear the on-screendisplays.

But the front panel resetdoes not require a connected computer or a connected monitor to view the onscreen displays.

PIP is off — Center adjusts the horizontal and vertical positionof the main image on the monitor. The adjustment range depends on the input rate applied andthe output resolution selected. Color increases and decreases the color intensity of thepicture. You can still select inputs. The ideal resolution must lie within the compatible range of the display. The switcher automatically adjusts for different input and output modes. However, if the input signal has slightly different timing or is non-standard, somesettings may need to be manually adjusted.

Horizontal Start and Vertical Start status indicator barsThe input start controls adjust where the electronic scaling process takes effect. Theinput start and active area should be manually adjusted, if necessary, to match theinput video signal, framing the active area of the input signal.

If the start is setincorrectly, the switcher may add blank borders on the leading edges top or leftside or it may crop the active area on the trailing edges bottom or right side. Thisearly scaling results in a blank border on the top and cropping on the bottom, andlooks as if the image is shifted down. Adjust the V Start status indicator bar to shift thestarting period vertically on the screen. It then maintains the aspectratio based on the difference between the input active area and the outputresolution active area by inserting blank borders around the images.

If, however,you want to fill the entire monitor, you can adjust the input aspect ratio by slightlychanging the number of active pixels and active lines to stretch the image.

Extron IN1508 8 Input Scaling Presentation Switcher

You mayalso need to adjust the number of total pixels. Usually, the best method is to use the input signal specifications. Blanking AreaActiveAreaTotal PixelsFigure — Incorrect total pixels variableThese lines appear as fuzzy vertical bars when an alternating pixels pattern isapplied.

Adjust the audio gain and attenuation asfollows: Connect audio sources to all desired inputs and connect the audio output toan output device such as an audio player. The output signal isincompatible. The output format isincompatible for thedisplay. The display may notaccept the output syncformat.

Freeze mode wasentered when theimage was black. Video may be muted. Pixels and reduce the setting tomatch the input signal. Pixels and increase the setting exton the input signal.