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Fansadox Collection – Punished In Paradise – ( KB) Pobierz.

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This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. It shows no real people or events.

Predondo fansadox – You got ain angry black panther on your ass, cracker at bdsm comics planet

No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic. B rooke finds fun wherever she goes, and no wonder! Her buxom friends Tisha and Carly are along for the ride fansdaox have no problems making fun of the villagers they see living in poverty. Somebody call Animal Planet!

Driving through the slums and taking photos to show their friends back home is a blast, but the angry stares the sullen villagers give them made their skin crawl A sprawling cabana on the beach is the perfect place to party with other tourists on vacation. Brooke fansafox her nose in disgust when she sees the shabby bus driver skulking at the edge of the outdoor party. The three friends comit the worse mistake of their young lives I give you good fuck.


American women are way out of your league!

The next day a roaring crowd detain two of the girls in their hotel room Gonna send you to the elder to figger out which punishment you get! Cum ran down her white chin The black man grabs her hair and yanks her forward into the screaming crowd. Now she gonna pay!

Title: Fansadox collection 318 punished in paradise predondo

The mob roars like a zoo at feeding time. The rope tightens around her neck and she gasps for air. They’re going to use her like a cheap hooker, if they don’t rip her apart first!

Tisha screams alongside, and she whirls around in panic.

The old man has forced her friend to her knees and is shoving her face into his filthy crotch. Meanwhile, a strange woman in a burka has saved Brooke from the crowd. She offers the girl shelter Brooke is so scare fwnsadox she can’t figure out it’s a trap. She finds herself locked up in a dark and tiny stone cell for days with no food or water She can’t fansadpx or beg to anybody. No one has come to see her yet The fate of Tisha and Carly gets worse and worse after the elder’s verdict Finally Brooke meets her captor.


The door slams open, jolting her from a nightmare-riddled sleep. The walls of her cell are damp with mold. How long has she been left alone? Her blurry eyes see the towering black man enter the room, lugging a large basket filled with depraved sex toys. His first words are terrifying When your Massa tells you to get wet, your fansadoz better start flowing like a river.