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Pseudo courses typically satisfy the intent of the UCC, but are not exact matches to HUM UCC2W, Satisfies Humanities – Group Two and Gordon Rule Writing. (), ‘Measuring the usability of websites. Proc. Hum. Fact. Ergon. Soc. .. KIRAKOWSKI, J () VISUAL FORM DETECTION IN 3-DIMENSIONAL SPACE . NORFACE publish new call: Democratic governance in a turbulent age. Deadline for outline proposals: 19th February Read More.

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David Bowe

Appl Environ Microbiol68 I will explore the idea that the aforementioned conceptual tensions, arising between the pedagogic and the literary theoretical, generated uncertainties about the nature and value of a literary education that persist today.

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy33 3: Presented a Symposium on: Parameters of Change in Iccform Development. J Biomed Biotechnol[Details]. Moving Statues and Faith’ In: Clinical colorectal cancer[DOI] [Details]. Scientific Reports5 uccformm [Details] ‘In vivo bacterial imaging without engineering; A novel probe-based strategy facilitated by endogenous nitroreductase enzymes’ Stanton, M.

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An exploratory study of patient-centred drug instructions’. Monica will explore gender equality in Irish higher education through qualitative research on Athena SWAN, a gender equality programme which seeks to promote good practice in retaining and promoting women in science and research.


Female characters fhuj feminine voices seem to have a significant role in critiquing and refining male-authored poetry, a phenomenon we can trace from the sonnets of the 13th-century Tuscan poet, Guittone d’Arezzo, to the Dante’s Vita nova and Divine Comedy, and beyond.

Charity fundraising for research; Frequent TV, Radio and press appearances. European Geriatric Medicine6 5: A systematic review of the qualitative literature’. Abstract [Details] The application of NFC technology to enhance experiential learning and directly improve safety in surgical patients.

This was a research fellowship on a project regarding Italian online pragmatic competence. In particular, it homes in on the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT population.

Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety Software Usability Measurement Inventory. I will solidify and enrich the Mediterranean imaginarywhile re-thinking and extending the conscious and unconscious unifying ritual abilities of music for spiritual and emotional reconciliation.

Logitech Mobile Lab Setup. Outside work, David is a keen singer and cook. My research with the SUMI and WAMMI questionnaires has shown that this was not the case, and the influence of the measurement approach with questionnaires spread into other forms of measurement – ie, into the measurement of effectiveness and efficiency as per uccforrm ISO standard, giving rise to a “quant” strand in HCI.

Journal of Food Protection67 Pathogenic Agents or Harmless Commensals? UCC 2 WP Ultrasound Med Biol34 However, the numbers of women who were actively involved in combat form only one part of a more complex story. Exp Biol Med4: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety25 Health literacy is defined as ” the degree to which individuals can obtain, process and understand the basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions.


Parental views regarding childhood fever: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology ,: Sahm L, van der Waarde K Communicating clearly about medicines.

International Journal of Pharmacy Practice ; supplement 1: Journal of controlled release: Int J Cancer Discovery Medicine Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health65 [Details].

One of the challenges facing healthcare professionals in the treatment of patients is lack of adherence to prescribed therapy. Hum Vaccin Immunother12 Recent Advances in the Psychology of Language, vol.

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From Voltage to Knowledge. We use cookies to help give you the best experience fnum our website. The research in my group is focused on the ways in which pharmacists can improve and optimise patients’ adherence to medication.