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Included in the update are a number of publications, documents and online in English (). Mode of access: Internet from USCIS web site. Address as of 5/6/ http://www. ; current access available via PURL. by a * present one of several possible answers to the question. The official list of answers can be found at:

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We can print from either mode with pleasing results filed all files native documents with all placed images should remain consistent. This limitation, however, helps eliminate unintended changes.

‘A gold mine’ of Native documents | Albuquerque Journal

Designs that include multiple layers of transparent effects can print dramatically different fioes on how the print-ready files are produced. Transparency and transparent effects like drop shadows and glows in Illustrator or InDesign may not print as expected if they are not flattened. Embedded images cannot be checked for accurate resolution or color mode. Files originating from any OS other than Mac must have outlined fonts.

Unnecessarily large file sizes do not enhance prints. Type below 12pt at final size should be sent as vector. If small type must be rasterized, it should be done at a higher resolution dpi to ensure readability.


All files should appear in the program just as you want them to look on your final output. Avoid including comments, sizing instructions or dead space within the output document.

Files setup without bleed may be enlarged slightly during printing to compensate. Color lasers should not be used as proofs for accurate color. If a color match is required, please request a proof.

Signify Pantone colors and panel breaks where crucial. We do not use Pantone inks but it can be a helpful reference when color is critical. Altering the values or using a percentage of a Pantone color will produce mixed results.

File Setup/Submission

While Illustrator and InDesign gradients typically have good results, some banding may be inevitable, especially when blending builds that are very similar. Filee Photoshop blends on screen for banding.

Duotones can be difficult to accurately reproduce but there are various techniques we can utilize to match colors. Digital File Setup Guidelines. Files should be set up in proportion to your final output size.

El Paracaidista

We recommend sending print-ready files to ensure expected results. Supply all of your linked images, artwork and fonts when sending native files.


Saving files as JPEG with high compression can permanently reduce image quality. For the richest blacks, use a build of R: For trade show booths or multiple panel murals, set up the entire file on ntivedocuments page.

For files intended to be mounted, printed on rigid substrates or printed on banners and sewn, add bleed. Provide hardcopy of the final output.

Use Pantone coated nativddocuments for reference. To create gradient blends, we recommend Photoshop. For prints that will need router, laser, or contour nxtivedocuments, please include a vector path within the file. For prints that will utilize our white ink option, please indicate what should be printed white with a spot color or channel. When creating files with duotones, always send a file converted to composite CMYK or RGB, as well as the native duotone file and a hardcopy with color expectations.