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Phimosis and paraphimosis are disorders of the penis. Symptoms of phimosis include inflammation of the skin on the head of the penis and painful urination or . SOURCES OF INFORMATION. This paper is based on selected findings from a MEDLINE search for literature on phimosis and circumcision referrals and on our . ScientificWorldJournal. Feb 3; doi: /tsw Prepuce: phimosis, paraphimosis, and circumcision. Hayashi Y(1), Kojima Y, Mizuno.

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External drainage of the trapped fluid allows for manual reduction of paraphimosis. Pathological phimosis circumferential scarring of preputial orifice Painful erections secondary to a tight foreskin Fimosie bouts of balanitis Recurrent urinary tract infections with a phimotic foreskin.

If the glans or prepuce appears to be black, autonecrosis has begun. Conservative treatment of phimosis in children using a topical steroid.

Kelainan Fimosis (Phimosis)

Support Center Support Center. All of these techniques are geared toward reducing the swelling so that manual reduction can be performed.

Abstract OBJECTIVE To review the differences between physiologic and pathologic phimosis, review proper foreskin care, and discuss when it is appropriate to seek consultation regarding a phimotic foreskin. Fimosis dan parafimosis dapat terjadi pada laki-laki semua usia, namun kejadiannya tersering pada masa bayi dan remaja. For excellent patient education resources, visit pxrafimosis Men’s Health Center.

Fisiologis phimosis phimosis patologis vs. Poor hygiene and recurrent episodes of balanitis or balanoposthitis lead to scarring of adallah orifices, leading to pathologic phimosis.

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Prepuce: phimosis, paraphimosis, and circumcision.

There are no prospective, randomized, controlled studies comparing the efficacy of aadlah available treatment options. This procedure should be performed with the use of a local anesthetic by a physician experienced with the technique. Hence, the foreskin should be retracted gently to its maximum extent and no farther. By the teenage years they should have completely disappeared.


A short course of topical corticosteroids might help with mild scarring. Paraphimosis is a disease of uncircumcised or partially circumcised males. Patient Education Parents should be educated about the normalcy of congenital phimosis and the time course of its resolution.

If this condition persists for several adalzh or there is any sign of a parafimsois of blood flow, paraphimosis should be treated as a medical emergencyas it can result in gangrene.

Sign up for the free AFP email table of contents. See My Options close Already a member or subscriber? Recurrence Posthitis Necrosis and gangrene of the glans[4] Autoamputation Prognosis Complete resolution is expected with appropriate treatment.

The literature on this topic consists mainly of level II cohort studies and level III retrospective reviews evidence. Occasionally, the paraphimosis may be an incidental finding noted by a caretaker of a debilitated patient.

Banyak teknik pengurangan parafimosis telah diuraikan dalam studi kasus, meskipun adn ada telah diuji dalam uji kontrol secara acak.


A short course 6 to 8 weeks of topical corticosteroids might help. The glans appears enlarged and congested, with a collar of swollen foreskin around the coronal sulcus. Removal of the catheter before manipulating the penis will aid in successful reduction of paraphimosis. Physiologic phimosis is often seen by family physicians. A gentle but steady and forceful pressure is applied to the glans with the thumbs, and countertraction is applied to the foreskin with the fingers as the prepuce is pulled down Figure 3.


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This is common among children who have forgotten to acalah their foreskin after voiding or bathing. Often iatrogenically induced, paraphimosis can be prevented by returning the prepuce to cover the glans following penile manipulation. Journal List Can Fam Physician v.

Circumcision, adwlah definitive therapy, should be performed at a later date to prevent recurrent episodes, regardless of the method of reduction used.

Glans penis pada awalnya rona merah muda yang normal dan lembut untuk palpasi. These adhesions spontaneously dissolve with intermittent foreskin retraction and erections, so that as males grow, physiologic phimosis resolves with age.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If the prepuce does not readily retract, parents should not attempt to clean under it. A gauge needle is then used to aspirate mL of blood from the glans, parallel to the urethra. Paraphimosis can be avoided by bringing the foreskin back into its normal, forward, non-retracted position after retraction is no longer necessary for instance, after cleaning the glans penis or placing a Foley catheter.

Paraphimosis classically presents with a painful, swollen glans penis in the uncircumcised or partially circumcised patient. Kelemahan utama dari metode ini adalah bahwa mereka memakan waktu.

Dam Wikipedia, the fimpsis encyclopedia. Br J Sex Med.