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This page contains the US Army Field Manual on The Infantry Battalion. FM INFANTRY FIELD MANUAL. RIFLE BATTALION. This manual, together with FM , June 2, and FM 7 May , supersedes FM Topics enemy, battalion, commander, operations, infantry, force, combat, support, units, Identifier milmanual-fmthe-infantry-battalion.

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The 720 Battle Fundamentals of the AirLand Battle Fire Support System Air Defense System Combat Service Support System Elements of Command and Control Chain of Command Receipt of Mission Issuance of Warning Order Initiation of Movement Completion of Plan Role of IPB Characteristics of Offensive Operations Scheme of Maneuver Offensive Concept Infantrt Approach March Technique Attack of Fortified Positions and Strongpoints Sequence of Attack Characteristics of Defensive Operations Development of Defensive Concept Priority of Work Sequence of the Defense Integration of Combat Support Defense of a Sector Defense from a Battle Position Reverse Slope Defense Defense of a Strongpoint Defense Against Infiltration Types of Retrograde Operations Degrees of Risk Methods of Delay Conduct of a Withdrawal Withdrawal Not Under Enemy Pressure Conduct of a Rearward Passage Conduct of a Relief Reconnaissance and Surveillance Locations and Types of Obstacles Passage of Command Enemy Contact During a Relief in Place Exchange of Equipment Security and Deception Conduct of a Breakout from Encirclement Conduct of a Linkup Top-Down Fire Planning Schedule of Fires Suppression of Enemy Air Defense Support Relationships and Missions Air Defense Weapons Systems Ground Surveillance Radar Antiarmor Company and Platoons MK 19 mm Grenade Machine Gun Categories of Combat Service Support Battailon of Combat Service Support Principles of Combat Service Support Support of the Offense Support of the Defense Battalion Logistical Estimate Command and Control Classes Section V – Maintenance Support Categories of Maintenance Clothing Exchange and Bath Services Laundry and Renovation Personnel Services Support Legal Services Support Public Affairs Support Health Services Support Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.


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