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55 B.C.) in De rerum natura (On the nature of things). Although other critics have touched on certain important topics that Ponge addresses, the author of this. The Nature of Things has ratings and 22 reviews. First published in and considered the keystone of Francis Ponge’s work, Le parti pris de choses. The Nature of Things by Francis Ponge, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Ponge stated that his overarching goal was to create a “single cosmogony ” through his works, [3] an aim readily apparent in poems like “Le Galet” which is a miniature cosmogony all by itself.

Anh rated it liked it Aug 22, Paperback52 pages.

Le parti pris des choses – Wikipedia

The prose poems are clusters of dynamic images that invite us to explore with our hearts and imagination multidimensional meanings. Sometimes then – we might also say nsture some places – Sometimes, our nature – I mean by that Nature on our planet And what we are each day on awaking – Sometimes, our nature has prepared us for a prairie. Account Options Sign in.

So it was with the prairie I wish to tell of, And which provides my subject for today. I liked this translation a lot though to be fair, I have not read others.


And when I say convinced, I mean if not of some truth, then at least of the fragility of my own opinion. Furthermore, it ar The Butterfly When the sugar prepared in the stem rises to the bottom of the flower, like a badly washed cup – a great event takes place naturr the ground where the butterflies suddenly take off.

Jan 25, Chuck rated it really liked it. While a long procession of Sunday strollers, without Soiling their white shoes, moves ahead Following the little stream, swollen by drowning or perdition, Why then, from the start, does it thungs us?

I am easily convinced, easily dissuaded. Retrieved from ” https: An Introduction to the Poetry.

Char, Ponge, and Poetry in the Twentieth Century. One can only compare the gait of fire to that of an animal: The Butterfly When the sugar prepared in the stem rises to the bottom of the flower, like a badly washed cup – a great event takes place on the ground where the butterflies suddenly take off. Ponge likes to use scientific language, referring to snails by their species name, Gastropoda although some critics like Allain Robb-Grillet, author of Naturf un nouveau romanpoint out scientific inaccuracies in Le Parti pris des chosesand deem the role of science in Ponge’s work as “negligible”.

Because each caterpillar had it’s head blinded and blackened, and it’s torso shrunk by the veritable explosion from which its symmetrical wings flamed – From then on the erratic butterfly no longer alights except by chance of route, or just about.


This text was in fact written over the span of 15 years, from to It is their copulation that writing realizes. Alex rated it liked it Jun 21, Influenced by surrealism, he developed a form of prose poem, minutely examining everyday objects.

Cecilie Flinck rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Reading Ponge’s Soap many years ago turned me into a lifelong fan.

The Nature of Things

Here we are, in any case, at the heart of tue And at the only logical levelthat befits us. Francis Ponge was born in in MontpellierFrance. While he has only recently gained more popularity in the United States, he also spent the later part of his years lecturing across the country and also was a visiting professor at Barnard College and Columbia University.

We think we are in paradise. Francs Delpierre rated it it was ok Jul 27, It may well be that I am not very intelligent; in any case ideas are not my forte.

This is something I feel very keenly. Fire “Fire has a system: Ponge schrijft en beschrijft alledaagse voorwerpen, maar op een bijna metafysisch niveau.