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Full text of “Hayduke, George Getting Even Paladin Press”. See other formats. CIA Book of Dirty Tricks Recoil / Eutronix PDF conversion by Grog Index Additives. A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate. George Hayduke has 23 books on Goodreads with ratings. George Hayduke’s most popular book is Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks.

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I was able to learn, thoughthat the bully had his legs burned and cut by flying porcelain, bit his tongue badly, was knocked violently off the throne, bruising his ribs against the steel wall of the stall, and was deafened for nearly twenty-four hours, all by the force of this carbide explosion.

Make a fake chain letter with the list of hayduje individuals and their addresses. He waits for some dark, rainy night, then spreads five or six gallons of this murky mess on the driveway of his hated mark.

Captain Georgee says to use a portion of mixed with three-quarters of a cup hayduk superfine German black aluminum powder. Instead of using a shaving-cream filler to pie your victim, Dick says to make an excrement pie.

Indeed, in his classic review of Mr. They haydukke to discuss his gun waving car ride that afternoon. Coins If consumer attorney Dale Richards is correct, more Americans lose money to coin-operated vending machines than lose money gambling or paying taxes to the IRS.

Books by George Hayduke

If you need someone to thank for this kindness, say “Hi” to Marla and Melanie, twin dynamos of creativity in Phoenix. Sooner or not much later, the wheel will simply roll off the car. If you want to use additives in your mark’s gasoline tank, yet are concerned about arousing suspicion in daylight or in an otherwise high-visibility area, simply adopt a cover egen. I can think of all sorts of fun, secondary things you could add to this stunt to make it really twilight-zone time.


Get Even : George Hayduke :

These books are especially good friends: Include in the classified ad that this is a “coming home party for some righteous brother who’s just gotten out of the joint. While she entered the bar looking for me, I quickly spirited a half empty bottle of booze into her car, with the lid loose, ” our contributor reports.

She groaned a few times, whined about drinking too much wine cooler, then realized that there was something wrong with her hair. Check and comment on those that apply to your apartment.

The following trick is technically a substitution and not an additive: You can be subtle or you can be gross. Calling into one of my talk shows, he said, “I do it for my girlfriend a lot and she always falls for it. Compounding this latest affront is your mark – a neighbor, boss, coworker or some other fool – whom you have placed on the association’s roaster without his or her knowledge. If you’re working covert, stay that way.

Now, Bothersome Burt refines this trend.

Hayduke, George Getting Even Paladin Press

The Uruguayan ten-centisimo coin will also substitute for the U. One anti-jogger has already suggested that these spikes be reduced in size and dropped strategically near the running habitat of these long-range exercise buffs. Ask them uayduke please geet “you” on their master list for merchants and advertisers as “you” dearly love the bargain shopping that comes in the mail to “you.

Jefferson as I read a final letter from a good friend in El Salvador who was born there and now must stay there forever. He has followed the case through the other city’s newspaper and through a friend. Can you believe that some guy by name of Die Smegma, who claims the title of international revenge master, thinks that the stunts Nelson Chunder and I report to you are tame?


Do you remember what termites look like? This will cause him to literally shit his pants and drip at the heels. So two of us went in right after him and laid a carbide bomb in the water in the next stall.

Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks by George Hayduke

They washed mugs with a lot of soap, then neglected to rinse them before letting the utensils dry. It might be fun sometime to sit around thinking up other creatively rotten things you could do with bumper stickers to get even with someone. Use your imagination to locate something that will disgust everyone, haydukd farm animals. It takes only a few moments of driving with today’s hot exhaust gases to explode the firecracker.

The, I strode out and stood in front of the hostess. Call your mark’s employer, or have a lady friend who hauduke a good actress do it.

But those were the innocent years. A wonderful fan called in a variation of this stunt during a talk show in Florida.

The idea was to place the carbide bomb in the toilet, leave a lighted cigarette on the seat, and run like hell. All legal and moral efforts to oppose this land rape failed. We stand corrected now, so stop sending us all the free samples.

She brought him back in time to “come off” the flight and appear to be arriving home to his wife and family. fet

He converts empty washing machines and clothes dryers into pet cages. In our case, the mark is anyone who has done something unpleasant, foul, unforgivable or fatal to you, your family, your property or your friends.