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Distance judgement type: GP2D Judgement distance: 24cm. (Adjustable within the range of 10 to 80cm). 3. External control circuit is unnecessary. 4. GP2D15 datasheet, GP2D15 circuit, GP2D15 data sheet: SHARP – General Purpose Type Distance Measuring Sensors,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet. GP2D15 SENSOR DIST MEASUR 24CM DIGI Sharp Microelectronics datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for.

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Sharp GP2D15 IR Sensor

Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions. How would I do this.

Also what would the coding look like? Comments 16 Comments sorted by Date Added Votes. The D15 is the “Distance judgement type” their name.

GP2D15 Datasheet pdf – Distance Measuring Sensors – SHARP

Update — The D12 is not quite so easy. Chris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: For example, If the voltage from the sharp holds with nothing obstructing it at. How would that look?


All you have to do is a line like: It would help to see your code for this. I am working with the attached code, how can I output to turn the LED on when the adc gets a certain voltage?

I hope this helps. I am new to the interfacing with the ADC, what would this look like with this code, Thanks soo much!

Well, you could start with adding: That is working beautifully now, I have attached the working code for whomever would like it. My other big question now, is there a hp2d15 to connect 3 of the sharp sensors in parallel or series so I have a wider cone of triggering space. I could put the three on a half circle so they fan out.

GP2D15 Price & Stock | DigiPart

daasheet Thanks for the help! How would I hook up 3 sensors in parallel or series? Series, Parallel — wrong approach. A good way would be an ADC with multiple inputs you’d select which source voltage to read via select lines.


Here are links to data sheets of an 8-input selectable ADC and the “”. Sign In or Register to comment.