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Godfrey Ave. SW. Grand Rapids, MI Additional GRCC buildings at these locations: Downtown Campus Map. Administration Building K -. Green River College Main Campus Map. Downloadable Maps: Main Campus Map PDF · Main Campus Map – High Contrast PDF · Regional Map PDF. main media blurred for appearance. Photo of Welcome to GRCC! This is a photo. 5 Campus Tour. Welcome to GRCC! Main Building. Cook Academic Hall.

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Once we receive your transcript, it typically takes a week for us to add the credit to your record.

Kent Campus

Read more about approving transfer credit. If you are currently a degree-seeking student at Hope and want to take a class at another institution to transfer back to Hope, please follow the steps below.

Check TES to see how the classes you have taken will transfer back to Hope.

If any of the classes you took are not listed in TES, you can contact the Registrar’s Office with your course information to start the evaluation processs. Otherwise, we will evaluate them when we receive fampus official transcript.

Official transcripts should be sent to Admissions as part of your application process. If you are currently taking classes at another college, make sure you send your final official transcript to us, so that we can place the credit on your record. We cannot award credit for ungraded, in-progress courses. This includes dual enrollment — courses listed only on a high school transcript do not earn credit at Hope. Online courses are accepted just as on-campus courses are.


Maps | Grand Rapids Community College

Courses must be level or higher to be considered for transfer; remedial and developmental courses do not transfer. Math courses must be pre-calculus or higher; college algebra and lower courses do not transfer. You can transfer a maximum of 65 community college 2-year credits. Overall, you may transfer up to mqp credits. The final 30 credits must be completed at Hope. The number of credits does not change in the transfer.

For example, if a course is 3 credits at the other school and the equivalent at Hope is 4, the course will transfer as 3 credits. If the other school is on a quarter calendar instead of semester, the quarter credit hours will be converted to semester credits as follows: However, if your cumulative GPA at the other institution is at least a 2.

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The exception to this is failed and withdrawn courses — if you receive a F or W grade, you will receive no transfer credit. Grades and honor points grrcc not transfer to Hope — only the credit.

On your Hope transcript, transfer courses will be listed with a grade of TR Transfer. If you failed a course at your previous school, you may retake it at Hope for credit. If you choose to retake any transferred courses at Hope, your transfer credit for that course will be deleted.


Credit cannot be awarded for the same course twice. You must retake the course at Hope to improve your grade. If you failed a course at Hope, you can retake the equivalent course at another school, but only for credit.


Global Learning and Senior Seminar. Some departments have restrictions on transfer courses or on missing credits. These forms should only be completed by currently enrolled students. The Math Department has determined that it will award the credit as Math Statistics Transfer Credit for transferrable stats courses.

You cannot earn credit for both Math and Math In TES, you must first search by school. After selecting your school, you can search for a specific course in the search box, or browse for camous course in the list. If you click the “VIEW” icon, you will see more details about the class and any special notes about the course.

Special notes appear in the light yellow box at the top of the page. Units indicate how many credits the course is worth at the other school and at Hope College.