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For comparison, there were 14 Greyhawk-specific deities when the setting The art snippets came from my own Greyhawk webcomic that ran. There is a bug in the domain lists for the deities presented in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer–some deities don’t have the alignment domains listed for all. Boccob was first detailed for the Dungeons & Dragons game in “The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk” by Gary Gygax in Dragon.

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Al’Akbar is the Baklunish demigod of dignity, duty, faithfulness, and guardianship. His symbol is a cup and eight-pointed star, images of the legendary Cup and Talisman that now bear his name. Al’Akbar is subordinate to the other Baklunish gods, remaining a mere demigod out of respect for them. His faithful oppose the sadistic deitids cults of Ull.

Al’Akbar is allied with Heironeous.

Al’Akbar’s priests use the Cup and Talisman as metaphors for the good life, urging their flocks to be vessels of kindness and emblems of devotion. Al’Akbar was the most exalted high priest in feities are now the lands of the Paynims. After the Invoked Devastationduring that greyhaw of misery and suffering, he was given the Cup and Talisman by Al’Asran to help heal his people’s ills and return them to the traditional Baklunish treyhawk.

Al’Akbar founded the city of Ekbir and, for the last decade of his mortal life, ruled the nation of Ekbir as the first of its caliphs. Eventually he had a mosque to himself built and allowed his followers to call on his name in their prayers. Soon after, he ascended to the heavens to take his place among the gods. Allitur greyhswk the Flan god of Ethics and Propriety. His holy symbol is a pair of clasped hands.

Empyrea sits on the edge of a cold, clear mountain lake on Mount Celestia’s fifth layer, Mertion. The many healing fountains and curative waters in Empyrea can restore withered limbs, lost speech, derangement, and life energy itself; those who ail greyhhawk only find the right fountain. Empyrea is also known for its healers and hospitals, and many a pilgrim seeks to reach this legendary site of perfect health. Allitur teaches respect and understanding for laws, rituals, and other cultural traditions.

Her holy symbol is a heart with an air-glyph within, or a kara tree full of ripe, red fruit. With her sling Windstormshe can strike the most distant foe, and with Readying’s Dawnher spherical glass talisman, she is able to melt all ice in sight. She is also thought to spend time in the realm of Morninglory in Elysium. As Goddess of Spring, Atroa is the invigorating breath that awakens the world from its slumber. She gives the world new love and new life, renews old friendships, and plucks the heartstrings of lovers, travelers, and poets.

His symbol is an armed man standing atop a stone summit. Azor’alq is a tall, handsome warrior with a dark complexion. He wears fine chain mail and his helm is topped with peacock feathers. His long curved sword, of elven make, is known as Faruk. Azor’alq is a member of the Baklunish pantheon. In the past, he has been a foe of the demon lords Munkir and Nekir. Azor’alq’s sanctum can be entered through the highest peak in the Pinnacles of Azor’alq.


There he dwells with his ancient paladins, the Thousand Immortals. Beltar is the Suel goddess of Malice, Caves, and Pits. Her holy symbol is a set of opened fangs poised to bite. Although often depicted as a haglike human female, Beltar is known to also appear as a beholderred dragonor marilith. Some regard the later form as a likely cause of rumors of the existence of a Suloise snake-cult. Beltar was formerly a goddess of earth and mines, but was supplanted by other Suel gods until her only worshipers were nonhuman slaves.

It is perhaps for this reason that Jascar is one of her greatest enemies. Beltar will often take mates in her various forms, but few survive, as she eats them afterward, as well as any young born from such a union. Beory is the Flan goddess of the OerthNature, greyhqwk Rain. She is also known as the Oerth Mother. Her symbol is either a green disk marked with a circle or a rotund, female figurine.

Greyhawk deities – Wikipedia

She does not care for anything else, and mortals or other deities only concern her if they threaten the Oerth. She is distant even from her own clerics ddities, who wander the earth to experience the different parts of the world. They spend their time communing with nature and often associate with druids. Berei is goddess of Agriculture, Family, and Home.

Her holy symbol is a sheaf of wheat stalks. Berei can most often be found in the first layer of Elysiumin the realm of Principality. Berei tries to strengthen the ties of family and community, and urges care in the planting of crops.

Berna is the Touv goddess of passion and forgiveness. Formerly, she was the goddess of hatred and vendettas, but she got better. Her symbol is a red metal heart, preferably red gold. Berna is depicted as a Touv woman wearing the skin of a jungle cat. A red-gold heart shines from her chest. Berna is the third child of the serpent god Meyanoktransformed by the power of Xanag from a spirit of hate to one of passion.

Her older siblings are Vara and Damaran. Her grandmother is Breeka and her great-grandmother is the sun goddess Nolawho was awakened by the creator greyhxwk Uvot.

She is a member of the Touv pantheon, which also includes the gods KatayKundoMeyanok, and Vogan. Berna is now the patron of all small emotions, both positive and negative. She also represents the forgiveness of wrongs.

Berna is named for a college friend of Sean K. Bleredd is the Oeridian god of Metal, Mines, and Smiths. His holy symbol is an iron mule, as sturdy and patient as himself.

He is a pragmatic sort, preferring work to idle talk.

List of Greyhawk deities

He created many of the artifacts used by his family, including his hammer of thunderbolts, Fury, and his wife’s hammer Skull Ringer. In Bleredd’s creed, the gifts of the earth exist to be taken and used to create practical works.

Bleredd’s followers are expected to be strong of body and will. Bleredd encourages the free flow of information; the knowledge of smithcraft should never be hoarded, but taught freely to anyone with a talent for it.

Those who are miserly in sharing what they have learned ought to be punished. Boccob greyhwwk the god of magic, arcane knowledge, balance, and foresight. All times and greyhak are open to him, and he has visited many alternate realities and planes unknown to grethawk wisest of sages, places even the Elder Evils avoid. His symbol is an eye in a pentagon; usually this is worn deitties an amulet. He is described as carrying the very first staff of the magi with him at all times.


In addition, he knows every spell ever created and can travel to any time and dimension. He is the possessor of the only magical library that contains a copy of every potion, spell, and magic item in existence. Bralm is the Suel goddess of Insects gfeyhawk Industriousness.

Her symbol is a giant wasp in front of an insect swarm. Bralm greyhawm that everyone in society has their proper position that people are obligated to master even if they don’t understand their importance in the greater scheme. She instructs her followers to obey those with higher social positions and greater knowledge.

She urges contentment in hard labor, and compares her followers to insects in a hive. Breeka is the Touv goddess of Living Things.

Her holy symbol is a headdress of wooden beads and animal teeth. Breeka is the manifestation of all aspects of nature, both helpful and harmful unlike her grandfather Uvotwho represents only nature’s bounty.

Breeka is, by turns, helpful, indifferent, and harmful. She is troubled by the nightmares given to her by Rgeyhawk. She is depicted as a middle-aged Touv woman with dark green skin and worry lines on her face.

Breeka is the daughter of Nolagoddess of the sun, and Voganthe god of weather and rain, and from this mixture of rain and sunlight was born all the world’s plants and animals. She grreyhawk the mother of Kataywho has no father. Her birthing pains mingled with the darkness to create Meyanokthe god of evil. While sleeping, she vomited forth greybawk nightmares inspired in her by her granddaughter Vara to create the living things that bring fear and danger to the night. Celestian is the god of Greyhaw, Space and Wanderers.

His symbol is a black circle set with seven stars. His color is black. An Oeridian god, he is called the Far Wanderer, and is brother to Fharlanghn. It is said that the two followed similar but differing paths. Celestian is Neutral Goodbut his worshipers may be any alignment of good.

Greyhawk Deities – Master List

Astrology is as much a part of Celestian’s faith as astronomy is, and his worshippers are encouraged to discover the secrets within the patterns of the stars and other celestial bodies. She gained her nickname “the Lucky Ghost” from her ability to leave her body to scout ahead in spirit-form. In this form, she is believed to warn halfling adventurers of impending danger. greyhaw,

Her holy symbol is a burning boot-print. Charmalaine is a young halfling woman with alert eyes, black oiled leather armor, and boots coated in mud.