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Gyre, or swirl, a term often used in oceanography, evokes eddies, currents, vortices. Gyre, designed by Dutch architects MVRDV in. This a new retail building on Omotesando street in Tokyo designed by Dutch architects MVRDV. Gyre, also known as The Swirl, is generated. This a new retail building on Omotesando street in Tokyo designed by Dutch architects MVRDV. Gyre, also known as The Swirl, is generated from five identical.

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Omotesando is home to a series of flagship stores for major fashion brands. The Gyre, on the other hand, provides real estate flexibility, while maintaining an iconic exterior.

Gyre Shopping Center, MVRDV | Tokyo | Japan | MIMOA

Most of these buildings are flagship stores for major fashion brands. They are the architectural equivalent of supermodels.

But like supermodels, they can also be intimidating because of their beauty. How can a new building here compete with these developments? Why not pick up a where an earlier strand of development left off: But the real qualities of these buildings are not directly visible from the street and they lack the iconic exterior qualities of more recent Omotesando stores.


Can we combine an open character with an iconic exterior and tyre the best of both typologies? It should, therefore, communicate on both scale levels, on the level of the building as a whole and on the level of the independent shops inside the building.

The program consists of 7 floors each with a surface of 60 percent of the total plot.

Gyre by MVRDV | New shopping centre. Yet another stunning bu… | Flickr

By twisting these floors gradually around a central core, a series of terraces emerge connected mvrvd stairs and elevators that are placed outside the volumes.

They create a twin pair of two vertical stepped terraced streets, on each side of the core. One is for ascending and the other for descending.

The route will spiral upwards from Omotesando Street and then descend towards Cat Street, activating both streets. These two routes are connected at every level through the block, bypassing or crossing a shop or a series of shops around the inside atrium. This creates an attractive spectacle from outside.


It produces a highly iconic and sculptural figure a building that attracts and invites people, not only at the street level but also towards companies and destinations mvrddv up. It allows equal access to all floors. Combining a public route with a new iconic silhouette in Omotesando Street, it offers spectacular views of the surrounding district.

It is a new destination, and a new way of shopping: