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Hanwha XD20H For Sale Used Automatic Screw Machines & Lathes, Swiss Type , CNC Orca Machine Tools Inc. Tel. Read the latest news from our company: IEMCA Smart IV with HANWHA XD20H and XD20J | NEWS | (GB / EN). Consult HANWHA MACHINERY’s entire CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE XD SERIES HANWHA FANUC i/Siemens D/Mitsubishi M(XD20H Only) HANWHA.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 12 of I Never programmed or ran a Swiss before-just three axis mills and two axis lathes. The place I work at just bought a Hanwha Xd20H to do fittings out of ss. Supposedly the programs were written, samples were made by the Dealer and approved by the customer. I was to get two weeks training and pretty much a turnkey deal. We have to deliver pcs of two parts by the 15th. Turns out there is no turnkey, no programs, and about two days training due to installation problems.

The programs were written by me while getting coached by the trainer. We tooled up as much as we could as the machine wasn’t fully installed yet. That ate up the first day of training. After spending half the second day getting a print with all the missing dimensions and getting the first part, We were told we had the wrong print.

We had rev 1, they gave us rev 8.

The rest of my last day of training was spent rewriting the whole program. Had to send the new print back as it too was incomplete. Finally got a new program in and the trainer did what he could with it.

We still don’t have a finished part and after a long 13 hr day, the trainer is off to another gig. It’s all in my lap now as of monday. I like challenges and will do what I can but I think in hwnwha case the phrase “a little planning goes a long way” is an understatement. I am either going love or hate Swissturns in a very short amount of time. Rant off Maz Similar Threads: Prints with missing dimensions, due tomorrow, sounds like a typical day for me, lol.

Used Hanwha for sale. Fanuc equipment & more | Machinio

They aren’t much different than a conventional lathe, main thing to remember when programming and making offsets is “Z” is backwards from a mill or lathe. Originally Posted by CitizenBrian.

It’s just another hanwga with a few differences. Just like a conventional lathe is different from a mill, get the “omg its a swiss” attitude switched over to “its just a machine” and you’ll find your time easier. Everyone makes swiss machines seem like a horrible monster beast but I really just think of them as another machine with different nuances. Do not “forget everything you know”, take what you know and apply it to this new machine.

I don’t get why people say things like this, its as if they think that they’re part of some secret elite syndicate because they can run a swiss machine.


As far as the machine install and what not, you have to remember that the guys installing the machines aren’t pros xd20u the machines, theyre just guys from the dealer who set up various machines all the time, they don’t know everything. We recently had a new machine put on the floor and the guys setting it up were trying to verse me on it, but I had already skimmed through the manuals and knew half the thinigs they were saying were false.

I’ve found most training to be as you described it, rushed and not as informative and “hold your hand the whole way” as you’d like. As for the part revision, since its a revision the part cannot be TOO drastically different, so work with the program you already have.

Also remember that just because the program came from a hanwah guy, that it may not be the best program structure anyway, but you’ll have to figure this out as time moves on.

Remember the basics about your guide bushing land so you don’t retract too far, make sure its snug enough that you can hold your roundness to at least a half thou.

There is a lot of variation on the subject of how “tight” your guide should be, really i’ve found that you have to figure it out for yourself.

One guys “nice and loose” may be another guys “snug” etc. High pressure coolant is another learning curve all in itself, and I would love to say I figured it out after one job, but not so much. Remember though that the high pressure coolant is supposed to be aimed right at the top of the insert by the cutting edges to form a “hydraulic wedge” of oil between the insert and the chip flowing over it.

A modern machine base

What this does is keeps the chip off the insert as much as possible increasing insert life, and at the same time, helps to hahwha and break the chip. A lot of the time chip wrap can be alleviated by taking a different approach reverse turning to guide the chip off the part etc.

I’ve hanwhz it to be extremely hard to get a perfectly burr free part out ofeven if you’re chamfering edges youll often kick a burr one way or another. Don’t get crazy with the high pressure and use it as a be all end all situation, most of the time you can alleviate most chip issues by changing your methodology.

High pressure is a tool, its not a necessity, though in this day and age a lot of tooling and certain things like super deep drilling do rely on it.

Just as yourself, “how did they make this part before high pressure”? One thing too, make sure that when you’re doing a turning operation that xd20y chamfer the edge of the OD of the bar stock, so that when ahnwha retract into the guide bushing you’re not shearing off a burr on the OD of the part with the guide bushing.

Say you’ve got a. If you dont and you retract youll here a “bunk” type sound. None of us know everything, its always a learning experience each day, but we can certainly help out! Last edited by SirDenisNayland; at Worked 10 hrs on the part and have yet to get a good one.


The Hanwha trainer won’t hanwua back and the service guys are about to bail on me. The part is a double end hose barb major dia. I am stringing up and pushing the part back. Near the end of the hanwhx I let the service guy drive and he snapped ahnwha cutoff jogging the head the wrong way. This is quickly turning into a high pressure nightmare. Broken tools and scrap parts Just try to learn from every broken tool.

IEMCA Smart 320 IV with HANWHA XD20H and XD20J

Sounds like you got quite the bum deal. Installation issues, training issues, tight time constraints, and to add insult to injury, the first job you have to run in the machine is SS. I don’t think I can add too much more to the discussion, without more info on what the problems you are encountering are, than what has already been discussed above. I am with SirDenisNayland NEVER forget what you have learned.

You can always use that to your advantage. Step back and look at the part. How would you have made it on the lathe you were running prior to getting the swiss? If you are a bit more specific about the problems you are having, I am sure some of us folks can help you out to the best of our ability.

Are you having problems with the actual machining of the part, i. Day 2- Service guy was working out some bugs in the machine installation- The high pressure coolant setup,ejector pin sticking, etc. All trainers are gone. I tried what I know works having dealt with turning ss.

I added the chamfering thing on the stock to get rid of the burrs and stuck to Dave the Hamwha guy’s theory of one pass turning. The machine has 7 different M codes to select HP hanwah for different tool positions. The inserts they selected for forward and back turning are VBMT I’m stuck with them for now. Rigged up the HP coolant lines brake tubing to fwd and back turning xd2h and viola- no strings and decent finish. The part also has a. Doing most of the hole on main side with HP coolant and carbide oil hole drill and the rest on the sub side.

I still have some geometry tweaks to get it perfect as I am using “Casio cam”- A calculator, pen, and lots of paper but at least I am finally getting somewhere. Don’t know about tool life yet but changing inserts is sure gonna suck. I doubt I can make their unrealistic cd20h but this “fancy new whittlin iron” is starting yanwha grow on me just a little bit.

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