How Did The Invisible Man First Become Visible

How Did The Invisible Man First Become Visible
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How Did The Invisible Man First Become Visible?

The story of the Invisible Man has captivated readers for years. While some may remember the classic 1933 version of the Universal Pictures film, the original novel by H.G. Wells was published in 1897 and continues to be a popular classic. In Wells' novel, the protagonist, Griffin, is a scientist who discovers a way to make himself invisible. He then uses his newfound power to wreak havoc on the people of Iping, England. But how did Griffin first become invisible?

Scientific Experimentation

The first step in Griffin's journey toward invisibility was his scientific experimentation. Griffin had been experimenting with various substances for a long time, trying to find a way to make himself invisible. He eventually stumbled upon a mixture of chemicals that he believed could make him invisible. He tested the mixture on a cat, which immediately disappeared. He then assumed that the mixture would work on humans and decided to use it on himself.

The Process of Invisibility

Griffin then began the process of becoming invisible. He created a special room in which he could conduct the experiment. He then began to strip away his clothing, piece by piece. After removing all of his clothing, he covered himself in the mixture and waited. Eventually, he began to notice that his skin and other body parts were becoming transparent. After a few hours, Griffin was completely invisible.

The Reaction of Others

The reaction of the people of Iping to Griffin's invisibility was one of horror and disbelief. They were shocked when they first saw him and were even more terrified when he began to commit various acts of violence. People were afraid to leave their homes, and news of the Invisible Man spread quickly.

The Search for a Cure

Griffin quickly realized that being invisible was not as great as he had thought it would be. He was unable to eat or drink, and he was constantly cold and wet. He began to search for a cure, but he was unable to find one. He searched for months, until finally, he stumbled upon a way to reverse the process.

The Reversal of Invisibility

Griffin was able to reverse the invisibility process by exposing himself to intense light. He used a lantern to expose himself to the light, and after a few hours, he was visible again. He was exhausted, but relieved to be visible once more.


The story of the Invisible Man is a classic that has captivated readers for over a hundred years. Griffin's journey from visibility to invisibility and back again is a fascinating tale of scientific experimentation and discovery. His journey has been the basis for countless films, books, and television shows, and continues to be a popular topic for discussion.