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Success stories, testimonials, how this site helped candidates prepare and pass their Good luck everyone, I’m planning on taking my Routing exam in about a. Certification resources for Cisco┬« ccna , including ccna practice tests. Certification resources for CCNA CCENT/ICND1 , practice tests, exam.

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Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Log in or Sign up. Intel Architecture Day. Apr 11, 1. One of my friends said that how2pass was almost word for word on most of the questions. Is it worth it to spend even more money, or do you all think the testking questions are ok? Has anyone tried both and have any opinions on them? Apr 11, 2. Rather than trying to cheat by memorizing questions, why not actually learn the material?

You’ll not only pass the test, but actually acquire skills that you’ll need on the job. If you manage to swindle your way into a job with a paper CCNA, you won’t know how to do jack squat and you’ll just get fired.

Paper CCNAs just make those of us with real certs, earned the old fashion way a pair of routers and a 1, page CiscoPress bookhave a harder time to find jobs. FintApr 11, Apr 11, 3. You’ll only hurt your self and and everyone else who holds the cert by cheating. Cheating to pass the exam de-values the cert for everyone. You’ll get no love from any one here by braindumping an exam.

MorfiusXApr 11, Apr 11, 4. FWIW, I really like testking preparation tests Definitely better to know why questions are wrong then trying to memorize them Apr 11, 5. LOL, yall are harsh.

  ISO 1873-2 PDF

For your info, I do know the stuff. I am in a nice networking course at Illinois State University.

I know the stuff and can program routers just fine. However, a lot of people who know how to do the routers get messed up by the way Cisco words their questions. Having the practice questions can make the difference between an and an From what I have heard, most people in this class that take the exam do the simulation part perfectly and only get messed up on the questions. But yhea, I agree with all of you. It is important to know your stuff.

Having this cert will just back up my degree and prove to folks that I know it.

Apr 11, 6. Without actually working on a router or a really nice SIM, you will be lost when it comes time for the hands on part of the exam.

I really don’t think anyone could learn how to use a router from just reading stuff alone. Apr 11, 7.

Exam Experience

One major problem with any braindump is they commonly have wrong answers. At one point I tried using one for a Microsoft test. It was a TestKing.

Many answer were so blatently wrong it was unreal. Yes, we may be harsh. But, sometimes the truth hurts. Braindumps don’t help anyone in the long run. Why do you think lab based exams like CCIE are so valuable?

It’s because you can’t briandump them. You must know what you are doing to pass. Apr 11, 8. BurntToastApr 11, Apr 11, 9. Apr 20, MikeApr 20, I really like a series called TestOut that my school uses. I’ll put in a positive note for these kinds of test on the basis that they’re good for testing what you’ve already learned. There were topics on the TestKing that were not even in Cisco’s material, or else they were just briefly glanced over.


These topics were on the test. TestKing’s questions over them prompted me to go research more into the topics and learn more about them, which facilitated me passing the test. That’s the only thing these guides are good for, is to test yourself over what you already know and give you guidance on what your weak areas are.

how2pass VS. TestKing

You wont pass the test by just cramming the guides, because the questions on my CCNA were not verbatim ccnz the TestKing, but they were within the topic. If I had just memorized the question and answer, I’d have been screwed. Plus, if you cram an exam guide, it’ll become apparent soon enough at any employer how2paas working for that you’re a paper-cert. At which point, you’ll likely get canned hopefully.

I do not have any respect for people that just use these guides alone to pass an exam, but I think it’s smart to use the guides as a final supplement to your studying. However, it was more the questions that I was interested in. I can go research the answers myself.

BoscohApr 20, Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: