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Prize-winning author Anna Gavalda has galvanized the literary world with an exquisite genius for storytelling. Here, in her epic new novel of intimate. In , Hunting and Gathering was, along with The Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter 5, one of those books you kept seeing in the Paris metro. Hunting and Gathering is a novel by the French writer Anna Gavalda. Its original French title is Ensemble, c’est tout, which means “Together, that’s.

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Short strands of her hair tickled his nostrils. Inspired by the failure of her own marriage, it too was a major literary success and a bestseller and was followed by the short 96 pages juvenile novel 35 kilos d’espoir 95 Pounds of Hope that she said she wrote “to pay tribute to those of my students who were dunces in school but otherwise fantastic people”.

This might be because my own definition of “chick lit” is less forgiving hhnting I think it is according to most of the readers of the world. Gzthering and Gathering made me miss having conversations with gavslda old roommate from France. What I’m saying is that this is a book that I think even male readers could appreciate. This reaches a crisis when, whilst drunkenly directing an erotic dance by his latest nanahe refuses to turn down the music. I’m not sure she would know how to walk in high heels.

Hunting and Gathering

This will sound weird, but it’s true: Una historia preciosa, llena de encanto. There are the occasional fuzzy elements, but Camille is not a chick.


I fear that through this review, Gatherig could be making this story seem way too darling, when it is far from that sort of tone. Initially, people laugh at his stutter, however he takes classes and discovers that it disappears when he performs.

Heartbroken, Camille walks out of the train station where she receives a call from Franck. Want to Read saving…. Novels portal French literature portal.

HUNTING AND GATHERING by Anna Gavalda , Alison Anderson | Kirkus Reviews

Who will Franck become? He pretends to be passing through customs, but in reality, unbeknownst to Camille, he has instead followed her.

Although Philibert has had only the one social contact with her, and having no reason to know how unwell she is, he feels protective towards, and worried about her. Referred to by Voici magazine as “a distant descendant of Dorothy Parker”, Anna Gavalda was born in an upper-class suburb of Paris. Here, in her epic new novel of intimate lives-and filled with the “humanity and wit” Marie Claire that has made it a bestselling sensation hinting France-Gavalda explores the twists of fate that connect four people in Paris.

I have a weakness for stuttering history buffs, apparently. huntign


See 2 questions about Hunting and Gathering…. There are four gavaldaa characters – the starving artist, Camille; Philibert the aristocrat who lives in Camille’s building; Philibert’s roommate, Franck; and Paulette, Franck’s grandmother. Most characters in what I define as “chick lit” do not appreciate the beauty in an ugly knitted scarf.

Initially hesitant, Franck agrees and his grandmother moves in. Philibert Marquet de La Durbelliere is a stammering, erudite aristocrat who sells postcards outside a museum.

It was an okay read and gwthering like a beach read: Towards the end, it simply moved far too slowly for me. It’s a shame, because with a bit more daring and risktaking I feel this book really could have lived up to the hype – and been no less feel-good, albeit in a slightly less conventional way.


I really enjoyed this book until about two-thirds of the way into it when it started to get predictable and I could easily picture it being made into a romantic comedy film which it was made into in France, unfortunately.

The film ends with Franck working at his restaurant, which is evidently highly popular.

As a reward for her discipline, her characters really come to life, flaws and all, and allow the reader to develop a hunring with them as if they really are “friends”, as the characters themselves grow to know and love one another. Set in Paris, deep character development, multi-age characters with checkered and interesting …more I think if you like the Hedgehog, you’ll like this one.

Nonetheless, as far as romantic comedies go, guess who lives happily ever after?

Candide is a starry-eyed idiot whose idealism is dashed to bits by the horrors of absolutist Europe. It wasn’t perfect, but it was just the thing. One evening, he overcomes his own excruciating reticence to rescue Camille, unconscious, from her freezing garret, and instal her in the large, ornate apartment he is caretaking downstairs.