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Get the IMM E – Citoyennet et Immigration Canada – cic gc. Description. Citizenship and Immigration Canada Citoyennet et Immigration Canada. Claimants ceased using the IMM for refugee claims effective December 15, Instead, they began completing the following forms. port of entry into Canada, the Applicant completed form IMM – Claim for Refugee Protection in Canada (IMM ). In this form he said his scars resulted .

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Operational Bulletin G — April 17, This Operational Bulletin OB provides instructions to officers on the ways in which they need to process refugee claims in the new system. This Act introduced many changes to the refugee protection system. It brought into effect certain changes around the same time or just shortly afterwards. Some of these changes concerned:. In particular, it introduced several changes to the manner in which officers processed eligible refugee claims.

Claimants ceased using the IMM for refugee claims effective December 15, Instead, they began completing the following forms:. When inland claimants meet the inland officer, they must provide the inland officer with: In addition, the officer would need to courier the BOC, as well as any other required documents, on a daily basis.

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Officers staffing smaller offices could courier the BOCs and other documents on every second ikm. Officers would need to give applicants the Claiming Refugee Protection from Inside Canada handout if the person:. When the claimants return with their forms, the office staff would need to verify that the forms are complete or nearly complete. The CIC would need to retain the completed forms, when it schedules an appointment. A properly completed, validated and printed IMM would im, a 2-D barcode.

This would also save the CIC staff time for entering the data into the system. Officers would need to complete a GCMS search by the name and the date of birth of the client.

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Officers do this once an office is ready to schedule an appointment. Once the officers create the client and the application, they would need to schedule the prospective claimant for their intake interview in the GCMS.

This is especially so if the authorities cannot see the clients immediately. Officers could do this prior to the interview. The advent of the new system has not changed the procedures concerning processing of claimants at the interview significantly.

Officers would need to refer to the GCMS workbook, if needed. The staff would need to check the GCMS. This would help them verify whether any officers processed any temporary resident applications in the GCMS for the claimant. If they find this to be the case, they would need to:. This would negate the need for the IRB to contact missions for searching for previous visa applications. In FOSS, officers did not need to record the outcome of all criminality checks conducted as part of the refugee claimant intake process.


However, that is not the case with the GCMS. Here, officers would need to record the outcomes of all criminality checks. This is especially so if the criminality checks form part of the refugee claimant intake process.

The officers would need to pass the criminal clearance activity in case they find no adverse information:. Officers have the authority to take an eligibility decision. However, they can only do this once they have entered all the information into the GCMS. This tool would help them obtain:. Officers would need to enter this information into the GCMS.

In addition, the officers would also need to scan the BOC. Officers would only be able to trigger the security check once they have completed these activities.

Thereafter, the officers can take a final eligibility decision on the application. This would trigger the creation of the relevant documents like:.

The officers would need to print or finalise all these documents. Once they have completed this, the system will:. The IRB would provide the stocks for these kits. This is because the claimants would already have completed the BOCs. Refer to the Notes given below. In situations where the claimant completes the interview, the officers would need to process certain activities.

For example, they would need to scan most of the forms, travel documents, identity documents etc. Then, they would need to save these scanned documents into the GCMS. The officers would also need to move the documents to the shared 56111 file folder, wherever applicable refer to the Table below. Other officers could then refer to these documents at various stages, thereby reducing the volumes of files transferred. Typically, the officers referring to these documents would comprise officers belonging to:.

Situations could arise where the officers receive packages comprising various items and copies. Officers would need to courier these packages to the RPD, especially if they include items or copies of:. One of the objectives of the new 511 is that RPD hearings would take place under shorter timelines. However, this would depend on:. Officers would have the responsibility for scheduling RPD hearings in the new system. They would 56111 to:.

The officers would need to enter all of the above-mentioned dates into the system. Thereafter, the Notice to Appear would contain the new dates as follows:. DCOs are countries that:.

The new legislation has brought about certain changes in the way that DCO claimants ikm need to follow, when they proceed through the refugee protection system. Among these changes, the DCO claimants:.

This is regardless of whether the person claims against that particular country or not.

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Officers could come across situations where in a family unit, not all family members are DCOs. In this scenario, officers would need to flag only those members who are DCOs. However, the principle would differ when officers use the Hearing Booking Tool. That too, under the shorter DCO timelines. The new legislation authorises the Minister of Public Safety to designate an arrival of persons in Canada as an irregular arrival.


The Minister of Public Safety would resort to this when, with regards to the public interest, the Minister believes that:. When the authorities make a designation, the foreign national who is part of the group whose arrival is the subject of the designationbecomes a Designated Foreign National DFN. The designation would apply to all foreign nationals arriving as part of a designated arrival. The sole exception to this would be:. Designated Foreign Nationals cannot apply for Permanent Residence PR after the authorities confer the status of refugee protection on them.

Instead, they are not eligible to apply for Permanent Residence for a period of at least five years, up to a maximum duration of six years. The five-year bar applies to all applications for permanent residence by DFNs. These would include applicants submitted via other immigration streams too, including:. The subsequent sections cover these details. This would include the following details:. Officers would need to enter the Special Program Code on the application.

They could refer to OBD for more details. Prior to December 15,the authorities considered a refugee claim made by a person inadmissible due to an in-Canada conviction as eligible. The only exception to this was a situation where the conviction resulted in the individual going through a prison sentence of at least two years. Similarly, the authorities considered a refugee claim made by a person inadmissible for a conviction outside Canada as eligible.

The only exception to this was a scenario where the Minister was of the opinion that the person was a danger to the public in Canada.

These modifiers ceased to exist effective December 15, Currently, the authorities consider a refugee claim to 5611 ineligible if:. As per the existing process, when a claimant appears to be inadmissible for serious criminality, the officer would need to:. As was the case earlier, the authorities entitle persons whose refugee claims are ineligible under A 1 f to a PRRA.

However, certain amendments made recently have created some important distinctions. These distinctions have amended the manner in which officers umm assess these applications. For further details on this, officers would need to refer to OB H. For the most part, refugee hearings are non-adversarial in nature. They can do so when they review the refugee claim file.

In such a scenario, these refugee intake officers would need to indicate their concerns in their respective computer systems. Thereafter, these refugee intake officers would need to transfer the file to the triage office, closest to the city, where the authorities would hear the refugee claim. The CIC mim intervene 561 cases involving credibility or program integrity issues.

The CBSA would likewise, bear the responsibility for cases involving criminality or security issues. The CBSA is also responsible for cases that involve:. The CBSA can deal with these cases, regardless of their grounds.