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View and Download Infinity DV technical manual online. DV DVR pdf manual download. Also for: Dv, Dv Infinity DV Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Infinity DV Technical Manual. Features. 4-ch Product details · infinity TDV TDV//H1. Turbo HD DVR 04/08/16 ch Product details · infinity TDV

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Infinity DV merupakan kombinasi dari kompresi H.


Infinity DV dapat digunakan sebagai produk system cctv mandiri, yang tepat untuk digunakan dirumah dan aplikasi bisnis dengan skala kecil ,menengah, maupun skala besar. DVR ini menyediakan audio input sebanyak 4 portdan memiliki port rsalarm serta video spot output. Rancangan ini dibuat untuk memberikan fitur maksimum untuk tingkat keamanan yang lebih tinggi. Dapat merekam dengan resolusi WD1 secara realtime, akses secara network yang lebih lancar dan lebih tajam dan ditambah dengan user interface baru yang lebih mudah dv-316 digunakan.

Infinity DV Manuals

DVR ini menyediakan audio input sebanyak 1 portdan memiliki port rsalarm serta hdmi ouput ,vga output serta cvbs output yang dapat bekerja secara bersamaan. Pemberitahuan mulai tgl pengiriman COD Via kurir: LED Ceiling Light 12 w. HDD quota management; different capacity can be assigned to different channel. Holiday recording schedule configuration. Smart searching for the event triggered record files. Digital zoom of video in live view or playback mode.


Overview Infinity DV V5. Each channel supports dual-stream. Independent configuration for each channel, including resolution, frame rate, bit rate, image quality, etc. The quality of the input and output video is configurable. Normal and event recording parameters configurable for per individual camera. Live view screen can be switched in group, and manual switch and automatic cycle review is also provided, the interval of automatic cycle can be adjusted. Quick setting menu is provided for live view.

The selected live view channel can be shielded. Zooming in by clicking the mouse and PTZ tracing by dragging mouse. Support HDD standby function. Recording, Capture and Playback Holiday recording schedule configuration. Normal and event video encoding parameters. Pre-record and post-record for motion detection for recording, and pre- record time for schedule and manual recording.

Searching record files by event. Customization of tags, searching and playing back by tags. Locking and unlocking record files. Searching and playing back record files by channel number, recording type, start time, end time, etc.

Smart search for the selected area in the video. Zooming in when playback. Supports pause, speed up, speed down, skip forward, and skip backward when playback, locating by dragging the mouse. Export video clips when playback.


Management and maintenance of backup devices. Alarm event triggers full screen monitoring, audio alarm, notifying surveillance center and sending email. Automatic restore when system is abnormal.

Three-level user management; admin user is allowed to create manyoperating infihity and define their operating permission, which includesthe limit to access any channel.

Operation, exceptions and log recording and searching. Import and export of device configuration information. Remote search, playback, download, locking and unlocking the record files, and downloading files broken transfer resume.

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Remote viewing of the device status, system logs and alarm status. Remote locking and unlocking of control panel and mouse. Remote D-3116 formatting and program upgrading. RS transparent channel transmission. Alarm event and exception information can be sent to the remote host.

Upgrade by remote FTP server. Two-way audio and voice broadcasting.

Source code of application software for demo. Development support and training for application system. DVR Card 4 channel Rp. We have 16 user s infibity You are visitor Hidden camera Model Jam Dinding Rp.