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Ingo Douglas Swann was a claimed psychic, artist, and author known for being the co-creator, .. The raw data comprised only four pages, but according to Swann, the confirmatory data appeared throughout the published scientific and. Compliment to – Entire Ingo Swann Database – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. 00 Reference Materials For Ingo Swann’s IRVA Lecture 00 Ingo Swann Extraterrestrial Telepathy And Biopsychic Sexuality Ingo Swann Database.

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The wind blows them. Submit a new link. From that view, the horizon looks orangish or rose-colored, but overhead it’s kind of greenish-yellow.


Later, Swann and an individual known as “Mr. Those were my favorites! Remote Viewing Versus Its Skeptics. Towards Activating the Superpowers — Part 4: The chart recorder pattern returned to normal.

The targets that Swann was to attempt to describe and illustrate were on a shelf two feet from the ceiling and several feet above Swann’s head.

Ingo Swann, telepathy, perception, sexuality, biopsychic. Psychological scales were developed for rating the quality and clarity as subjectively described by Swann of his OOB vision, which varied from time to time.

Swann claimed to see bands of crystals in the atmosphere, which he likened to clouds and possibly like the rings of Saturn. Inside those cloud layers, those crystal layers, they look beautiful from the outside. He was searching for her and was asking for the public’s help. Towards Activating the Superpowers — Introduction.


Much to the gaping amazement of NASA scientists, all of his observations were zwann proved to be correct by probes sent to these planets.

He was also creating ‘The swnan history of Remote Viewing’ which is swan fantastic work, but along with his other works in progress was cut short, and left unfinished due to his death. What would you say were the top three things in this database that blew your mind? Archived from the original on May 2, Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Can the Superpowers Be Trained?

He is in control.

Retrieved January 6, According to Swann, his ability to see Jupiter took about three and a half minutes. The results of the targets from the previous ninety runs are ignored.

Those mountains are very huge but they still don’t poke up through the crystal cloud cover. Osis stressed the odds about Swann being correct were forty thousand to one. It feels really good there laughs. The Voyager probe later confirmed the existence of the rings of Jupiteralthough these rings are not in the planet’s atmosphere.

In his autobiography Darabase This time Swann was given the latitude and longitude of ten targets, in the end there would be ten runs, for a total of The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy: Immediately after, Puthoff wrote a brief paper in a draft form. The experiments came to a close. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


About Ingo Swann

It can easily be shown that cognitive access to this spectrum is easily modified positively or negatively by social parameters and pressures. Many topics were covered in some of his books. Remote Viewing and Intuition — Part 1. Some Structural Characteristics of Smaller Pictures.

I completed the full page “Ingo Swann Complete Database” pdf. AMA : remoteviewing

He made no mention of the many into of Jupiter, which as of February counted Want to add to the discussion? Swann, writing “in appreciation of ‘Saucer Smear’ and its Esteemed Editor”, wrote that “although many of its readers might view ‘Saucer Smear’ merely as a droll ufology gossip rag, in the larger picture it is rather more accurately a profound ‘window’ opening up onto the sociology of ufology.

Views Read Edit View history. Swann’s total observations lasted for about 20 minutes. Put simply, for there is no other way to put it, the superpowers of the human biomind are defined as those indwelling faculties of our species which can transcend space and time as one major category of activity, and energy and matter as another major category.

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