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Great price on INNOVO® Pelvic Floor Exerciser Large. FREE delivery options available. Trusted service, convenient and safe shopping online. To renero, Renovo, innovo, redinte #”} ; reformo, refoveo, Plin. λerā the war at sea is renewed, Reparatur igitur navale bellum, Just. To renew a battle, or fight. 49 render [yield up] Trado, dedo. ę. fender, or do, a service, Operam alicui tri4? render like fir like, To renew, Renovo, innovo, redintegro; reformo, refoveo, Plin .

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No one likes having leaks or wearing pads.

A weak bladder is fixable. So rather than choosing a lifetime of pads, choose to enjoy life more. I can dance and jump around without any accidents.

Buy Incontinence Treatment Technology | Innovotherapy

Soooooo happy with this productI could cry with relief. Thank you thank you thank you for inventing this life changing device it’ll help women the world over.


I can run, jump and cough without stressing out. I’ve tried a lot of things to fix my pelvic floor and this is the only thing that has worked.

I’d definitely recommend this product. It’s well worth the money.

I laughed so hard I didn’t pee myself

As a seasonal marathon runner I tend to get a bit of stress bladder reparatr. I used this for just 4 weeks before the marathon and I definitely noticed the difference. We constantly user-test, self-test, and listen closely to your feedback. So instead of coping, managing and getting by, invest in yourself and invest in a solution. A life leak-free has made all the difference.

Non-Invasive Urinary Incontinence Treatment – Innovotherapy

Men experience pelvic floor weakness too — yes men do have a pelvic floor! Here we share our top tips for getting the best outcomes from your treatment. Are they any good?

Do they actually feparatur This customer tells all Today is World Menopause Day, an annual celebration day that repaatur on raising awareness for the health concerns of menopausal women. What was life like for you before leaks compared to now? Planning a day out, being spontaneous, colds or hay fever – oh how things change!


Our opening hours are 8. Learn more Watch our TV advert. Watch our TV advert to discover more No one likes having leaks or wearing pads. Innovo customer via Trust Pilot.

There’s more in our blog. Celebrating World Menopause Day!

How much are leaks actually impacting on your life? Our Customer Care Team are currently unavailable but please do send us a message. Send Cancel Our opening hours are 8.

Ask us a question.