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Intellitrac X1 Plus is robust and extremely reliable. It is one of the most advanced GPS tracking devices available on the market today. The product is light and. IntelliTrac X1 Plus. •. Compact Size. •. SMS, CS Data, GPRS TCP/UDP, Voice ( Optional) Communications. •. Remote Configuration. •. Real-Time Tracking (Time . IntelliTrac Australia’s Best GPS Tracking Fleet Solutions. Suit all applications, budgets & business sizes. Features include Electronic FBT & Fatigue Management.

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At IntelliTrac we are Australian owned and operated. Established in intelljtrac, we have the proven track record and reputation for you to have confidence in dealing with us. Send the closest vehicle to an urgent job, or simply let your clients know that you have intfllitrac vehicle on the way! Information is updated every 30 seconds to keep you up to date with all your vehicle movements.

See ignition status, speed, odometer readings and more! You can replay one or more vehicles at once allowing you to understand your fleet’s travelling patterns and analyse any cross overs and inefficiencies.

Data is stored for up to 7 years! Verify customer invoicing, customer queries and more! A range of reports are easily produced intelliteac your vehicles’ daily activity. Reports show each trip ;lus and duration. Reports can be automatically emailed to you each morning Get A Demo.

At IntelliTrac we are Australian owned and operated and have a 30 year history of design, development and manufacturing our GPS Satellite Tracking hardware and Telematics software.

Whether you are a micro home based business, small to medium business, government department or multi national organisation, we have specialist teams lntellitrac assist you achieve your desired outcomes. Whatever your requirements, whatever the size of your budget or organisation, we will have a solution. Whether you have one vehicle or ten thousand vehicles in your fleet, we provide systems to suit your budget and your requirements.

With our GPS Trackers it’s easy being green. Match fuel usage with our exclusive fuel card reporting tools. Knowing where your vehicles are at all times eliminates those “where are you” phone calls and allows you to squeeze in that extra job. IntelliTrac’s unique features allow you to maximize the use of your vehicles and employee resources.


IntelliTrac X1 Plus | Supported GPS Trackers | GPSWOX

Lone Worker safety pus every employer’s obligation. Tradies Australia wide are installing IntelliTrac GPS tracking devices to improve productivity and efficiency in their business.

Making the best use of your staff and assets means better profitability for you business. Simply integrate TMS load sheets and manifests into the system and IntelliTrac provides a warehouse app to assist in loading vehicles and a driver app which manages pre-start check, driver fatigue electronic log books, navigation, route optimisation and sign on glass POD all in real time. Booked vehicles are displayed in a calendar view, for an easy snap shot of utilisation, pickup and drop off locations.

Interfaces to key cabinets are also available for bespoke implementations Get A Demo. Business can claim from the ATO as a rebate some or all of the excise paid on fuel purchases. This may amount to many thousands of dollars per year. If your business makes a car owned or leased by the business available for private use of an employee, then Fringe Benefits Tax may be payable on the percentage of private use of the vehicle. At Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast we are a people business.

IntelliTrac provides us the tools and live data to help us better manage our business and provide an excellent client experience.

Our VIP clients expect exceptional service, and with aid of IntelliTrac we are able to exceed our client expectations. IntelliTrac allows us to monitor metrics such as fuel consumption, airport waiting times, travel times, routing and driving behavour.

IntelliTrac’s systems have assisted us benchmarking vehicle maintenance and operational costs as well as driver behaviour performance thus optimising our business efficiency and customer service. We chose IntelliTrac because it is much more than just the average GPS car tracker we have used before.

It’s always humbling when great organisations such as Tickford partner with IntelliTrac. It’s simply the best GPS car tracker providing owners peace of mind. It’s so much more than GPS tracking device for cars. Protect your pride and joy or keep a watchful eye on family and teenage drivers. Learn how IntelliTrac can help with your bottom line. Note the advanced features provided in Imagine what we can do now.


In IntelliTrac partnered with Optus to provide various tracking and data solutions. Imagine the range of solutions we are able to provide. On the 27th of July we marked our 30th anniversary in business. What a milestone and what a journey it has been to become an overnight success in the industry! It all started in in a small garage in Melbourne. Since IntelliTrac has been working closely with local government providing state of the art GPS tracking waste management solutions.

Easy To Use We set up your software. Onsite Commissioning We come to you and professionally install. Our Standard Product offerings include: Get a free consultation. All installed quickly without fuss. Training for office staff easy to understand and effective.

Well thought out product that is an asset to any service business. The person I had to sell on the idea of ipads and software was a 67 year old, and to be honest I wasn’t optimistic because he’s a pen and scrappy paper type of person. He said to me today: IntelliTrac’s Route Planner has helped me better plan and cover the metropolitan area that I cover.

Intellitrac X1

From a driver’s perspective I find it a very easy system to use. The system is wonderful for a small business like ourselves and I would highly recommend it to any business like ours. IntelliTrac Client Success Stories. GPS Tracking Employee Productivity Knowing where your vehicles are at all times eliminates those “where are you” phone calls and allows you to squeeze in that extra job.

Calendar views of booked vehicles. We chose IntelliTrac because it is much more than just the average GPS car tracker we have used before Improved driver behaviour means a better experience for our intellitra Improved fuel and maintenance costs Live vehicle diagnostics for predicitve servicing. IntelliTrac 30 year Anniversary.

Philippa Durante MD i-Dispatch. IntelliTrac works best on Chrome.