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you for drawing something that made me excited to keep writing and going above and beyond with your interludes. Somethin’ I Can Hold Onto (Klaine, R). on to BTVS and have recently become obsessed with Klaine and Glee fiction a message containing any interludes I write before I publish them on this site. Maritime Interludes “so here’s my little diddy for the klaine book project’s second and most recent book. merman!kurt, human!blaine rating.

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Blaine lets out a long, slow breath and starts again. Jess and Rory haven’t spoken since the run-in at Truncheon two years ago. Hopefully he can find a place where he can be himself!

Fic: Interludes (1/18) – shandyall

Chapter 12 by shandyall [ Reviews – 11 ] words. Cadences by shandyall Fandoms: It was only supposed to be temporary.

Link Reply Parent Thread. The Road We Take by UniversalOverlordess reviews When Kurt hands Blaine his Bucket List, he has no idea that he just made it Blaine’s goal to make sure that everything on that list is fulfilled; Kurt’s senior year is most definitely going to be interesting.

How will they deal with the mutual attraction when Mr. Blaine is FtM female to male transgender and no one at McKinley knows about it, but he realizes this has to change if he wants his relationship with Kurt to survive. He has no one else to turn to, and Kurt volunteers to take him in, believing that he can rehabilitate Blaine. Kurt takes a step towards Blaine and reaches out to put a gentle hand on his shoulder, in hopes that Blaine will look up at him.


When A Heart Breaks by lolitarun reviews Blaine is falling apart, and Kurt is the only one he can think of who can help him.

Klaine Fics PDFs

Interludes – Overtures – Crescendos – Staccatos: Kurt Hummel is a world famous model sick with the shallow ways in which our society judges by appearances. I just, I wanted to say hi. Absolutely amazing, and I think my favorite scene ever in a Klaine fanfiction…. Me in the Background by GoldenPetal13 reviews Sebklaine future! This is their story. This is the story of the sadness, the shenanigans, the jubilation, the tears, the flash drive, the gambling, the croissants, the sit-ups, the emails, the drinking and the Matt-ness of it all.

As he starts his sophomore year at NYU, Blaine tries to navigate his inevitable conquering of Tisch while figuring out how to talk to the beautiful boy who’s started frequenting the coffee shop.

Special thanks inherludes Lucie for her accommodation and sadistic liking of my posts and Cimm, who talked me through the terror of writing the next thing after you’ve written The Thing and the anxiety that entails.

He follows the tune down a hall and comes to the room that contains the piano. The Vampire Klaaine, and Glee. Two years later, Blaine makes a confession. I almost feel bad with how much you write! He hasn’t heard from her, not a interludee, since she left on Obama’s campaign trail. Blaine is ready to have a good time. M – English – Angst – Chapters: Blaine is a vet. Long Time Coming by CrazedLunatic reviews When Blaine gets accepted into Harvard, Kurt and Klaien find out exactly how hard it can be to maintain a relationship when they discover how much their dreams conflicts.

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After a car accident, Darren and Blaine swap bodies. Everything you recognize belongs to someone else. T – English – Drama – Chapters: Anderson might just have a thing for Kurt as well.

Go Your Own Way by: Remember Me Register Lost Password. Schue that he will be participating in Day of Silence, Schue decides to get the whole club in on it.

But he can’t keep it from Kurt forever. Blaine Anderson tells himself not to get attached to clients but this innocent young man could change everything for him. Chapter 15 by shandyall [ Reviews – 10 ] words. But I read every single message and I really appreciate all of the feedback!

The other boy stands up so fast he knocks interludez the piano bench with a clatter.

Klaine fic recs

Chapter 18 by shandyall [ Reviews – 81 ] words. Poll In my story Keys of Knowledge, Xander interuldes be making an appearance. Chapter 14 by shandyall [ Reviews – 9 ] words.