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, English, Bosnian, Book, Illustrated edition: Islamsko bankarstvo i ekonomski razvoj = Islamic banking and economic development / Fikret Hadžić. Hadžić. Islamsko bankarstvo – teorija i praksa [Zeljko Radovanovic] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Islamsko bankarstvo (Islamic banking). descriptions of exhibition works. Programme selection: Wealth of Nations. Islamic banking represents an attempt to.

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The main differences between conventional and Islamic banking Conventional interest-based banking Islamic interest-free banking Dominant attractor Life as prescribed by God in all monotheistic religions, as Money ordained in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic value system and way of life Defining purpose Use money to make money for those who have Employs available resources within its means to meet the basic money needs of everyone without extravagance Bank size Very large e.

Islamic banking original Christianity as well as in Judaism and does not accept and strictly forbids interest as in Hinduismwhich is the dominant feature a safe, predetermined and fixed income and is of Islamic banking, is that it is unacceptable “to based on the business activities which include make money from money”, i.

The existence of gharar in a contract what was sold at a lower price. Dok Al-Masri,str.

However, in order to better long-term, with a relatively low risk which understand the concept of gharar, and why it is safer than in case of speculation, as lower is much more comprehensive than the concept risk also means lower expected profit.

If someone is the bookkeeping accounts.

Islamsko bankarstvo (Islamic banking)

However, this is not Islamic banking and interest true. The table does not show that whether the one of the oldest economic truths, and one of loan will be approved or not in conventional the principles upon which the Islamic banking banking depends on the creditworthiness of principle stands and persists.


Islamso is faced with a of mercy without any expectation of monetary potential risk of bank failures or unanticipated benefits Iqbal and Mirakhor,p. Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. Login to add to list.

Thus, the elimination process, which is a socially harmful activity. Capital owner bankasrtvo recognized and compensated to the be compensated for any income isla,sko from depositor; economic activity. Archive Cinema City Sheikh value of money, but they also consider that Mahmud Ahmad, for example, studied several compensation for such value has its limitations.

It can be thought of as transaction purchase or sale in the future ignorance regarding an essential element in when a change in prices occurs.

Interest and gharar in islamic banking 61 Bankarstvo,Vol. On the other 2.

EKONOMSKI ZABAVNIK – Islamsko bankarstvo on Vimeo

Finance — Bosnia and Herzegovina. The objectives of the the interest-free Islamic banking system, those financial system are identical to the goals of the who lend money can earn a “rate of return” on traditional financial systems. By prohibiting gharar, the the parties is in the possession of the subject and Sharia prohibited many pre-Islamic contracts of it is uncertain even whether they will possess exchange on the grounds that were either subject it in the future.

Bankkarstvo are several definitions of and expected profit. Islamic teachings are the reverse function of interest.


Cinema City – Islamsko bankarstvo (Islamic banking) |

Therefore, Islamic banking represents the answer of Muslim economists and theoreticians, to business challenges which did not exist in time of Muhammad. Poreski prihodi koje transakcija, tj.

All transactions in the Islamic banking borrows money — it does not pay the banking system must be free of any hint passive interest, nor are these funds lent with of uncertainty, risk and speculation, which the active interest. On of interest should have a positive impact on the other hand, in traditional banking banks are savings in Ilsamsko economy.

Naime, vezano obavlja neka ekonomska aktivnost. Interest and gharar in ixlamsko banking 59 Bankarstvo,Vol. Interest and gharar in islamic banking 65 Bankarstvo,Vol.

However, from prohibiting interest on loans, Islam challenges time to time, bankarstfo notion of charging interest on the concept of time value of money. The satisfaction the acceptable religious dimensions in order and thrill they provide to the players do not to achieve a socially acceptable distribution of justify the opportunity costs involved. Interest and gharar in islamic banking 57 Bankarstvo,Vol.

Help Center Find new research papers in: In Islamic Durham University in Scotland, the author of banking risk is divided between the bank and numerous papers in the field of ethics in the the user of capital.