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ISO 16982 PDF

The methods for evaluating computer-based systems and products for ease of use by people are described in a new ISO technical report: ISO/TR ABSTRACT. The ISO TR technical report which provides guidance on the use of usability methods is being revised as ISO This paper. ISO Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display ISO TR Usability methods supporting human centred design.

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In the dusty institutions where usability standards gather to party with each other, ISO is a bit of a celebrity. It is widely cited by people who would be hard pushed to name any other standard, and parts of it are virtually enshrined in law in some European countries such as the UK.

But as is the fate of 16928 celebrities, all most usability professionals know about the standard is its name: ISO have renamed it: It is a shame that ISO is more widely cited than read because it includes a wealth of information that covers every aspect of usability, including hardware, software and usability processes.

ISO/TR – Usability Methods – Whittington & Associates

You could use the standard to design a workstation, evaluate a display, set usability metrics, evaluate a graphical user interface, test out a new keyboard, assess a novel interaction device such as a joystick, check that the working environment is up to scratch, and measure reflections and colour on a display screen. It contains checklists to help structure a usability evaluation, examples of how to operationalise and measure usability, and extensive bibliographies.


It even has the courage to define usability! Standards are not easy to get hold of. The truth is that few people would be interested in all of the parts of ISOwhich is why indeed it has been published as separate documents with over 50 more in the wings.

But it is hard to work out which sio part you are interested in just from the title, and that is about all the information that is publicly available. You might choose the standard credit card over the platinum version, but you still like to know about the extras you have forfeited. We hope this document comes to your rescue. View it as your Michelin travel guide to the various destinations of ISO If nothing else, jso will help you bluff your way through a meeting. ISO stands for the International Organisation for Standardisation and is a network of national standards institutes from countries.

The ISO usability standard: Introduction

Because technology is an international business, manufacturers pay attention to international standards. Many countries especially those in Europe also adopt ISO standards as national standards, and so you may find parts of ISO cited as the route to compliance with health and safety isl. More information about ISO.

ISO is just one of many standards that apply to usability and ergonomics.

Other relevant ISO usability standards:. This list is far from exhaustive. There are also important national standards, such as BS Just as each of the parts of ISO need to be seen in the context of the whole standard, ISO needs to be seen in isso context of national and International standardisation efforts.


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ISO/TR 16982:2002

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