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The iTegno GPRS modem is designed specifically for corporate and industrial usage. Software interface: AT command (GSM ,. and extended AT . How do I get connected to the Internet using the iTegno GPRS Modem? 3. Is GPRS . This command will list out the components attached to your Linux. iTegno 38XX GPRS Modem Diagnostic Tool Software is designed to test the requirements of . Edit your desired settings (AT Commands) into the left panel.

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GSM/GPRS Module | Tefera Tilahun –

Application software iTegno After the file has been downloaded, double-click on ktegno icon to uncompress the iTegno Mobile Office Suite installer. You should have WinZip to do this. Save the uncompressed files into the desired location in your hard drive. Uninstall the version that you have in your computer.


After uninstalling, double-click on Setup to start installation of the new software and follow the guided steps through to complete your installation of the new iTegno Mobile Office Suite. If your network operator is not represented in the drop-down list, you may manually create the dial-up connection.

Please refer to the User Manual for this. If your connection to the GPRS network is not successful or an ccommands was indicated during the wizard, please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide included in the User Manual. To update your Wizard: Run the Setup file to update your Wizard. This will automatically update your Wizard.

To view the latest update details to the Wizard before installing, refer to the Wizard Release Note. This function allows the users to choose the desired language for the application software. Commands on Language in the Settings list.

Click on Save icon. Re-launch the application software.

Now the application software will be switched to the selected language. Guide to use the modem driver: Unzip the file onto a location in your PC e. Then click on Reinstall Driver.