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Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v, data publikacji 7 lutego typ plikuAktualizacja do gry. Poradnik do gry Borderlands 2. 1. Poradnik do gry Borderlands 2 ยท View in iTunes Jagged Alliance: Crossfire (Poradnik do gry). 7. Jagged Alliance: Crossfire. EDIT. 2 months ago; Brian McAlister | [email protected] . Josh Bean | [email protected] G.W. Long 13, Mars Hill 7: Libby Baker hits 2 HRs in 2A championship.

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The Crepitus also take more damage if attacked from the rear. Share directly to my status. Securing Your Supply Line. You can use this to your advantage if you find yourself in close combat with them. If you’re running another mod on top of 1.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Closing And Obligitory Plug. If you’ve followed this guide’s ini-settings, it should be night time.

A better entry point is slightly north of the building standing in a clearing on the western perimeter.

Michal Rutkowski

More often than not i spend an hour setting everything up after getting a new 1. Move through the buildings and clear them. Welcome to the map screen!

Wolf can use his crowbar on the door to the police station, but you need to support him when he bursts in there because there is likely to be a few people inside. Don’t handicap yourself by refusing to use crouching.

IMPs are your very own gun toting Mary Sues. Crates are far too heavy to move and you wouldn’t jxgged able to use incompatible ammo for now anyways. Hopefully, you’ve managed to liberate the Water Pump by staying camped on the roof, but if not just send Thor into the station with his shotgun and he should make short work of the enemies inside.


Put a med kit into a mercs primary hand slot the upper one and right click any tile. You can hire premade mercs for varying durations. Of note though, is that if you hire Buns, you can’t then hire the Scottish demolitions man, Red. Do note that some packs on your thigh may prevent you from wearing bulky backpacks.

Higher magnification can be detrimental if your target’s too close!

Steam Community :: Guide :: JA2 () Introduction

Try to aim for the enemy’s torso as jaggev provides the biggest target. This guide will be our hub to cover the different aspects of JAF modding, link to Sure, sooner or later. The first thing you’ll see in front of you is a guard tower, which is empty, but does have a silencer located at the top in a box. This also applies to shotgun shots and – to a lesser extent – single shots. There’s a few enemies near the loading dock area, and if you’re sneaky enough, Thor can get close and use his shotgun with Buns providing covering fire from the nearby copse of trees Pooradnik careful when clearing out the factory, because machete poradni, nutjobs can alliancee out and take down whoever is doing the sweep, and if it’s Thor, if you didn’t find any syringes, Buns can’t revive him.


Your call as to what minimum you want it at, but the going 1. Secondly, their marksmanship is usually in the high 80’s to 90’s, and their dexterity usually is similar. Jagged Alliance – Back in Action Strona w sklepie. Moving to the east, there should be a few last enemies by the garage, so advance one of your mercs straight down the middle, preferably Buns, while Thor flanks around the graveyard.

Her 73 in Marksmanship actually makes her a good shot, and with a little work she can act as a makeshift sniper until you can hire someone like Scope or Raven to be a dedicated sniper. Using combination of mustard gas as shielding repellant and LMG for elimination is also possible. You can find it here: Just remember to take enough ammo belts with you and enjoy the show. Give it to Thor, he can make better use of it’s hard hitting power, because his high stealth rating will allow him to get into better positions closer to the enemy.

He can use the toolkit to fix any weapons that head into the red in terms of condition, a very helpful ability for when your supply line is extended and teams need to operate independently.

They are meant to contain spare mags to refill those you keep on your body and spent during combat once things die down.